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Koreadepart.com Review 


I figured for my first real post, I would do a review of my recent order from Koreadepart.com. For those not familiar, Koreadepart.com is a Korean website specializing in Korean makeup, skincare , fashion and food. For this review, I won’t be reviewing the actual products I ordered but rather a review of the site as a whole.

I came across the site during a search for some rarer Korean skincare items. The site ships directly from Korea, so if you are looking to receive products quickly you may want to look elsewhere (like memebox.com-I will post a link below that gets you twenty percent off your first order!)


That being said, they offer two shipping options-EMS expedited shipping and registered airmail. Both are trackable, although I would say that the registered airmail is not always updated and/or accurate.

The cost varies on the weight of your order. EMS is definitely more expensive as it is expedited. The registered airmail is cheaper, but there is a weight limit of 2 kilograms (about 4.4 pounds.) To give you an idea of shipping costs, the items pictured were my order from KoreaDepart. The cost was about $22 in shipping. A bit hefty, but still worked out to be cheaper for all these products even with the shopping than on some other American based websites.

The shipping time was relatively quick considering that I went with the cheaper registered airmail option. I placed my order on December 23, 2015 and received it by January 2, 2016.

Product Range

Koreadepart has a large selection of makeup and skincare products. A few of the items I wanted had sold out, but otherwise I found almost everything on my list and then some. If you are just browsing, be prepared to have some time on your hands as there is pages and pages worth in each category. Just sheet masks alone had about 20 something pages to browse through. 😍


The items on KoreaDepart are absolutely cheaper than those you’ll find on Amazon, eBay, Memebox, Sephora, etc. To give you an example, the Tony Moly broccoli masks pictured go for about $3.75 each at my local Sephora. I was able to snag a pack of 5 on KoreaDepart for $3.86 total. Another example was the Skinfood black sesame and black sugar masks. Both range from $8-15 on various sites here. I believe both of them were about $12 together on KoreaDepart. Bargains, I tell ya. 🤑

All in all, I would definitely recommend KoreaDepart. Aside from the cost of shipping, I found it to be a great site. Please note, all these products were purchased with my own money and KoreaDepart has not asked me to write this review nor even knows I exist, probably. 😆

Here is the link below for those interested in checking out Memebox and getting 20% off your first order.


Thanks again for checking out my blog! Check back soon for some new posts.😘


The Boston Bargainista

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