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Review: Hard Candy Fast and Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray 

I figured since this finally came back into stock that I would do a review on this makeup setting spray. It is sold exclusively at Walmart (affiliate link.)

Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray

It retails for $6.00.

For the price and amount in the bottle, it is worth it. It will likely replace some of the more expensive ones I’ve used in the past just because it is an affordable option that works relatively well.

I use this daily after all my makeup is completed to set my face. It definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth. I would say it provides more of a “dewy” finish, similar to that of the NYX dewy makeup setting spray. The bottle is almost double of that from NYX which is also more expensive, so a win-win there.

The mist sprays nicely, and has a faint smell. The smell is not chemically, maybe cucumber or something of that sort? The spray does contain alcohol, so it may not be good for those who don’t react well to that.

I definitely recommend trying this out. One of the bummers is that it is only available at Walmart. So, if you’re like me and can’t get to a Walmart readily then you can order online.
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The Boston Bargainista

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