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January Empties 

Hi there! As a disclaimer, this post is going to be pretty picture heavy as I’m going to go through my empties for the month of January and explain which of these are a yay, nay or just ok product.

I only started this blog mid January, so unfortunately I threw out some of my earlier empties this month. I will post links/ reviews on which of those items I can remember.

When I think about it, it’s so weird that we enjoy reading about/watching YouTubes of other people’s empty products but I guess that appeals to the little voyaeur living inside us all.

All these items were purchased with my own funds! However, The Boston Bargainista is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Other affiliate links are also present in this post.

Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam Foaming Hand Soap:

Couldn’t find a link to this one… I guess because it was a seasonal item. I bought this soap to add a little festiveness to the bathroom. It didn’t smell as strongly as I expected it to. Generally, I like the formula of the Bath and Body Works foaming hand soaps. However, I don’t think I’ll repurchase this scent again next year because it did not leave a lingering scent on my hands like many of the other BBW soaps do.

Urban Decay Travel Size Super Curl Mascara:

I got this for like $5 during a sale on Urban Decay’s website. Honestly, the travel size lasted me through the full 3 months before I throw out my mascara’s. I liked the formula, although I didn’t notice that they necessarily made my eyelashes curly. I would purchase this if I got it on sale again.


Spa Life Gel lip masks from T.J. Maxx:

I bought these masks at 5 for $2.99 in the package. To be honest, these were the first lip masks I’ve ever tried so I don’t have much to compare them to. These were okay, the gel felt kinda cool on the lips, but unless I sat/laid down pretty still they kept slipping off my face. I don’t think I’ll repurchase them again. Do you have any better lip masks to recommend for the future? I have linked some below that are similar to the ones I’m using.

Eyes Lips Face Makeup Setting Spray:
This was the first makeup spray I ever used, many moons ago. I always have one for backup, and I just finished this one up. I’ll re-buy this, because it’s handy for travel since it’s a small enough bottle for your carry-on.

Sheet Masks:

Tony Moly I’m Real Broccoli Vitality Sheet Mask: 

If I got this mask for $1 again, I will repurchase. It comes highly saturated, but sometimes rips easily. My skin felt softer, firmer and had a healthier look after using. However, I do not think they are worth the $3.75 each at Ulta or Sephora. I will be posting a full review of each mask coming soon.

Tony Moly I’m Real Aloe Sheet Mask:

As with the mask reviewed above, it comes highly saturated. This mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Here is the variety pack I purchased on Amazon:

SNP (Shining Nature Purity) Otter Aqua Mask:

I reviewed this mask here: SNP Otter Mask . I got them for an amazing deal on Amazon, which I will link below. I would repurchase them at that price.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack:

I discussed my love for snail stuff in this post “I Put Snails On My Face?” This mask is honestly the best fitting mask for my face that I’ve tried. It doesn’t slip off, it fits my face perfectly. It comes highly saturated but not too wet. I think this mask would be great for all skin types, and the packaging even says it is ideal for troubled and/or sensitive skin. My skin is refreshed and soft after use. It promises wrinkle improvement, whitening and skin-soothing. I will definitely repurchase this masks. I have linked them at Amazon, the most affordable place I’ve found down below.

Spa Life Honey Hydrating Facial Mask:

I love these masks. I pick them up whenever I can find them at T.J.Maxx/Marshalls. For the price (they’re usually about .99-2.99 each) they are worth it. They are decent quality, and my skin is always soft after using them. Plus, I love things with honey in them. I have linked a similar mask down below from Amazon, but definitely check out your local T.J.Maxx/Marshalls for them.

Spa Life Gold Gel Sheet Mask from Marshalls:

They also sell these at T.J. Maxx, although I did notice that i got mine for .99 at Marshall’s and they were marked as $5.99 at T.J. Maxx. Anyways, I would repurchase this again at .99. That’s a decent price for a gel sheet mask and the mask was moisturizing. I’ve linked a similar option down below which comes out to be around the same price point since there is 5 in the pack.

Skinfood Orange Sheet Mask:

This came in the variety pack I got on Amazon. I will do a review on the entire set once I’ve tried them all. This was a typical sheet mask, no bells and whistles. I would repurchase again if I liked all the other masks in the set. It was a good price, I will link it below.

Naisture 15. min Collagen Essence Facial White Rose Sheet Mask

I liked this mask. It was your typical sheet mask but it was perfectly moistened and left my skin feeling soft afterwards. These are a great deal on Amazon, I got them for around $10 for a 10 pack. That’s about a buck a mask…can’t beat that!

Holika Holika Juicy Blueberry Sheet Mask  

This mask had a nice berry scent, which I love. If you don’t like strong scents on face masks, this might not be for you. The mask is very saturated and my skin felt hydrated after using. I want to try other types of sheet masks in this line so I may purchase this variety pack on Amazon that I’m linking below. It is a good price, considering a single mask is around $3.

Tosowoong Pure Deep Sea Water Sheet Mask:

This mask came in my Fifty Shades of Sheet Mask box from MemeboX. this mask is another one that is very saturated. I liked this mask. This was the first mask I’ve tried from Tosowoong and I will purchase. I used this when I had a headache and it was cooling. I will link below to a set of 10 on Amazon.

Welcos Juju Natural Volcanic Ash Sheet Mask:

These masks are a great deal. You get 10 in a pack for about $12. I have even found these a few times at Marshalls/T.J. Maxx and got the pack of ten for between $6-$8. I used this mask when my pores needed some TLC. I was about to get a pimple on my nose, but after using this mask it didn’t surface (score!) I will defintely repurchase these when I finish these. I will say that these are very thin masks so you need to take care when removing them from the package/putting them on. That’s probably the only downside. Otherwise, these are quite saturated and moisturizing. There are also varieties of the mask: green tea, honey, aloe, etc. I’ll probably try some of those out as well.

PureDerm Ultra Repairing Foot Mask:

I grabbed these masks at T.J.Maxx/Marshalls. I really liked them, and my feet were defintely softer after using them. You need a good chunk of time to sit stil, as you need to keep them on for atleast 30 mins. I kept mine on for over an hour. After a few days, my dead skin (gross, I know) started to peel off and left new, softer skin. I defintely recommend this, and I will be purchasing more. I have linked them on Amazon below.

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation:

To be honest, I got this from Big Lots. I am not sure if this is even still carried in the drugstores? Anyways, this foundation was not my favorite but it wasn’t bad considering I got it for $5. It was very liquidy, but it dried to a nice finish. I think i bought another bottle there, but after that I won’t be repurchasing because it was simply too heavy for my skin. I’ve linked it below on Amazon. If you like medium to heavy coverage, then you may like this foundation.

Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo:

I received this from a co-worker. Lord knows I am a bargainista and can’t drop $18 on dry shampoo, that’s like 3 lipsticks right there. But guys, this ish was dope. The shampoo is actually a clay, and it really absorbs oil and left my hair looking and feeling super clean. Also, awesome volume. If I win the lottery/ get a raise (both chances equally as slim) then I will definitely repurchase. For all you Daddy Warbuck’s out there, I’m posting the product on Amazon if you want to try!

Impress Press-on Manicure 

I’ve gone through a few of these this month. This is a constant repurchase for me. I will be doing a full review soon, but I’m all about these nails. Several people will comment in the design, etc and are in shock when I tell them they are press on. The cheapest I’ve found them is at Walmart, which I will link below. Sometimes CVS has a sale on them as well. Honestly, these are the best $6 I’ve spent.

Crest Clinical Pro-Health Mouthwash:

I love this mouthwash. It’s a definite re-purchase for me. I have seen great results with my gums after using this. When you first use it, it has a strange taste/texture but after a minute of using it, your mouth becomes minty and clean. I definitely recommend this mouthwash, it’s not harsh and doesn’t burn your mouth. I am posting a link to Walmart below, as this is the cheapest place I have purchased it by far.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Shaper:

For $1.99-$3.99 this is a BARGAIN. I love this pencil, I’ve already bought like five more as backups. I used to purchase a similar pencil made by Milani but it suddenly dropped off the face of the earth and I was sad. Then, along came this gem at a much cheaper price. I already have naturally thick/borderline Sasquatch brows so I don’t need to add any additional color to them. Just need to tame the beasts and keep them in check. I go through this pencil quickly as it needs to be resharpened often, but for cheap as it is I don’t mind. I’ve found them at Walgreens and CVS, but actually I haven’t seen them lately. I will seriously cry if these go MIA.

Secret Brazil Rainforest Gel Deodorant:

Secret and Dove are pretty much the only brands of deodorant I use, otherwise I get irritated. I love the smell of this one, it is just so clean smelling. I also love the gel formula and it dries pretty quickly, and lasts all day. I picked this one up at Walmart, I’ve linked it below. I will definitely repurchase when I finish up the deodorants I have.

Thanks for reading! I know this was a long one but I just had a bunch or products to share with you!

The Boston Bargainista


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  1. Loving this post! I always find the Urban Decay travel size products last absolutely ages!! So good 👏🏼 and the loreal foundation isnt in drugstores anymore 🙂 I’m surprised you found it too heavy, I always thought it was a lighter coverage! Oh well, followed your blog, I’m loving the beauty posts!


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