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March Empties

Hello my loves! Well, it’s that time of the month again where I give my thoughts on the products I’ve used for the past month.

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I will start with sheet masks, since I use those more than anything throughout the month.

Watermelon Ecopure Sheet Mask 🍉

I found this one on Amazon when I was on the hunt for a watermelon sheet mask. They are quite saturated, but the mask is a big large and awkwardly shaped. That aside, they’re worth it for the price. I got the variety pack of these, which includes the watermelon, tomato, orange, apple and kiwi flavors . They also sell them in a pack of 10 watermelon ones. They have a slight watermelon smell I guess, but the scent that came to mind was grass? Almost like the old school GAP grass perfume if anyone remembers that?   The mask was a very thin material and left my face feeling moisturized after. It’s nothing special, but good for when you want some hydration. These masks also contain hyaluronic acid.

Ecopure Apple Mask 🍏🍎

I will definitely repurchase the apple mask again because it smelled delicious like legit apple juice. It is a thin mask and came soaked in essence. Even though it came with a ton of essence, it dried within 30 minutes but I felt like it absorbed well into my skin.

 Naisture Arbuitin Mask

This mask had a slight fruity smell. It was very saturated but had an awkward fit to it. This was a typical mask, but worth the dollar I paid for it.It left my skin softer and even the next morning my skin felt very soft.

Naisture Sweet Honey Mask 🍯

My skin was also very soft the next morning after using this one. It didn’t have much of a honey smell. It came very saturated and I would repurchase.

Naisture Caviar Mask 🐟

This mask had a milky, creamy essence to it. There was a lot of left over essence in the  package  even though there was only 22 ml in the package. The mask itself dried out relatively quickly but I felt like it soaked in well. I liked the fit of this mask, it fit me almost perfectly. I liked that the packaging was in English so that I could understand what was going on. Don’t worry, the mask did not smell like fish and actually did not have much of a scent at all.

Creme Shop Green Tea Mask 🍵

Smelled like green tea. Pretty saturated/ thick cotton. I couldn’t find this exact one online so I am linking to another green tea mask I like from Memebox.

Toosoowong Green Tea Mask.

Use code for 20% off your 1st Memebox order of $25+.

Berrisom Animal Cat Mask 😻

This mask was saturated and cute. It did have a perfume scent and dried out kind of quickly. I do feel that the essence absorbed well though, and my skin was super soft the next day. I really bought this mask for the novelty of it, and it was cute so I would repurchase.

Berissom Animal Cat Mask.

This is another Memebox item that you can use the code above for.

Tony Moly Wonder Butter Mask

This mask was a very thin mask and very saturated. Don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like butter haha it smelled like soap. It soaked well into skin and was soothing, I used after eyebrow waxing. I would repurchase.

My Scheming Q10 Collagen Firming Mask

I’m a fan of the My Scheming masks, and I plan to do a full blog post on them soon. They’re made of a thin nice material which is highly saturated. The mask stayed wet long past the 20 minutes it says to keep it on for  and my skin felt instantly softer skin and also felt slightly firmer in the morning. I would repurchase this in the future once I get through the stock pile.

My Scheming Lavender Mask

A bit of a awkward fit but this one mask could have just had the holes punched weird.  It was highly soaked in essence and made of the same nice material as the other mask. It didn’t  stay fully adhered to my face but that could be because it was so so soaked. It stayed wet longer than 20 mins and face felt firmer after use. I would repurchase.

Toosowong Blueberry Mask

This mask came in Memebox’s  juice box. It smelled slightly like blueberry and was very wet and stayed that way for the 45+ minutes. My skin was moisturized and soft into the next day and my skin looked brighter. I would repurchase this. Use code for 20% off your 1st Memebox order of $25+.

Spalife Red Clay Mask

This mask had a shampoo smell to it. It was very moist and stayed that way for awhile past the 20 minutes it said to keep the mask on for. I used it when I  needed some purifying, and my skin felt tighter after using. I would repurchase.

24k mask

This mask came in two pieces, and it was a bit hard to put on/stay on. The mask was slightly fragranced. My skin did feel tighter after using and was soft the next morning.

Couldn’t find the exact one so I’m linking to one on use code for 10% off your purchase!

24k Tosoowong mask

Dr. Hu Cactus Mask 🌵

I stumbled across these on Amazon. They are really well saturated, there was enough essence for two uses. The mask is thin, although it did fit my face a bit awkwardly. It has a slight scent to it and my skin felt tighter after use. I would repurchase these, and they are a good deal.

Dr. Hu Lavender Mask

This mask was dripping wet and smelled strongly of lavender which I love. If you don’t like scents then this mask is definitely not for you. The mask fit well and adhered well to my face. I would definitely repurchase these just based on the fact that I love lavender.

Spalife Goat Milk and Mediterranean Olive Oil 🍼

This mask was made of a thicker cotton and was soaked well in essence. It had the basic cleanser type smell to it. My skin temporarily felt a bit firmer and the next morning it was definitely very soft. This mask is worth the $1 at Marshalls/T.J. Maxx and I have already repurchased more.

Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Mask

This mask is a GREAT deal on Amazon. You get 10 masks for less than $15. This mask was highly saturated to the point that I probably could have squeezed some essence back into pouch. This mask is made of silk cellulose and clung relatively well to my face. There was not much of a smell and I also liked that the mask packaging had some English. It made my skin softer and brighter. I would repurchase.

Ariul 7 days avocado mask 

This mask was pretty typical and had lots of milky essence. It claimed to calm and restore overworked skin, so I used it on a night that my skin was a bit irritated and flushed. It definitely did moisturize my skin but it didn’t take any of the redness away or add brightness to the skin. The mask is made of tencel and adhered well to the face. I have already repurchased a few more of these.

I linked to MissTutii. Use for 10% off your purchase!

Hawaii Forever Plumeria Mask

This was a thin mask adheres really well  and it felt like the essence was soaking in. The mask is cotton and super saturated. It does have a  scent so it’s not good for people that are sensitive to smells. This mask had almost a cooling sensation to it. It stayed wet longer than 20 mins. My skin looked and felt super soft in the morning after I used it. I will definitely repurchase these.

Argan hand mask 🖐🏼

These hand masks were filled with a creamy lotion and didn’t  really have a smell. I kept them on for 30 minutes and my hands were softer afterwards. These came in a pack of 3, and I definitely think they were worth the price.

I couldn’t find an exact match, so I am linking to something similar.

Grape Seed Oil

Check out my recent post Friday Favorite: Facial Essential Oils  where I discuss my love for this product.

ELF Small Stipple Brush

I had this for at least a year or two and this brush finally met its maker. This brush is a great price and great quality. I will re-buy for sure in the future, I  just have a few brushes to get through and try first. I highly recommend this brush.

Chi Ionic Color Protector Systems Leave-in Treatment Masque

So this actually went rancid. I liked it before that incident and loved the smell of the conditioner. It left my hair soft and shiny. I have a bunch of leave in conditioners that I’d probably choose before this one, but it wasn’t bad.

Olay Daily Moisture Body Wash

This is your typical, every day body wash. It smelled nice, and made my skin soft so overall it was a good purchase. I’m sure there will be new and exciting body washes out there to try before I re-buy this one again, but if you’re looking for a simple, no frills body wash that leaves your skin soft and gets the job done then I’d recommend this.

Secret Summerberry Deodorant

If you follow my monthly empties, you know by now that Secret gel deodorants are a favorite of mine. I like to try different scents, and this one was definitely fruity. I would re-purchase, as we all know I love the formula of these.

Simple Micellar Water

I discussed my love for micellar waters in this post: Friday(errr… Sunday) Favorite: Micellar Water 💦

so you can read about my love for this holy grail product. I recommend it x1000.

Clean&Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser

This lasted forever and a day. It had a nice, slight fruity smell to it. Nothing fancy or special, but a good typical face wash. Now that I’m on the k-beauty train I have 5 million other face washes I want to try first, but if you’re looking for something simple you can find in like, Target then I’d recommend this.

Olay Age Defying Instant Hydration Eye Cream

This is another simple product that I keep re-purchasing. At it’s price point, it does the job well and does provide moisture to my under eye area. I use it every morning underneath makeup and concealer.

Thank you for reading!


The Boston Bargainista

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