Beauty from the Inside

Hi loves, 

This post is going to diverge from that of my normal skincare/beauty product chatter. This post is going to be a bit heavier than normal, but an important message first and foremost to myself as well as pieces that I think we can all take away. 

As I’ve recently been sick a few times this season, my doctor reminded me of something important the other day: stress affects you everywhere. Skin,body, mind and soul. 

That got me to thinking, I spend so much time perfecting my skin and hair, preaching to the holy grail of products on my Instagram, my blog, my Twitter… But none of that matters if we aren’t taking care of ourselves inside. 

Take all those sheetmasks, deep conditioners, facial scrubs and throw them down the drain if you’re not taking care of your health. Your skin, nails, hair, eyes and attitude will show the effects of this. 

Drink more water. Walk outside more (with proper sunscreen!) Drink less alcohol, eat more fruits, stop eating McDonald’s breakfast so much (note to self, guilty pleasure.)

Be more present, put the phone down more (a tough one for me admittedly) learn to disconnect. Set boundaries in your professional and personal lives, learn when to say no when you need to, let go of things that just aren’t working and/or are toxic for you. Go out with friends more if that’s what you want to do, there will always be work waiting. Try to worry less (also admittedly hard for me, anxiety is my middle name.) 

I’ve learned several times in my life thus far that life is short. Things can change in an instant. I grew up in New York not far from the World Trade Centers. 12 years later, I was less than a mile from the marathon bombing here in Boston. I’ve experienced personal tragedies that turned my life upside down in an instant, as I’m sure many of us have. So why, in the day to day do we so often forget this and focus on the nitty gritty/daily drama? That my friends, is a million dollar question with the reward of inner zen and peace for those who have found the answer. 

I may not have the answer, but I’m going to try to make small conscious efforts both with my physical health as well as my mind and soul to get one step closer. 

What works for you? How do you disconnect? What helps you to practice better self care? I’d love to hear any tips you may have! 

Thanks for reading and riding along on this blog journey with me. ❤️


The Boston Bargainista 

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