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Bargain Beauty: DIY Asprin Facial Mask

Hello my loves,

Today i wanted to a share an affordable and easy facial mask that you can easily whip up at home.

We all know the wonders aspirin does for a hangover, but did you know those magical healing properties also work for your skin?  This mask is great for clearing up acne and also has anti-aging properties.

Aspirin contains an ingredient similar to that of saclicylic acid ( a main ingredient in lots of acne products.) Because this is  beta hydroxy acid, it helps to firm up the skin as well as reduce redness and relieve inflamation/dark circles.


All you’ll need for this mask is a bottle of uncoated aspirin and water! It’s so simple. You can also replace the water with apple cidar vinegar as well. You can also add drops of essential oils(Friday Favorite: Facial Essential Oils) into your mix as well as honey, lemon, etc.  You can find aspirin super cheap at the dollar store, Walmart, etc.

You’ll need to crush up about 10 aspirin tablets and add a teaspoon of water or ACV and mix it up in a bowl until it creates a paste. After that, just slather the mask on your face and wait about 15-20 minutes until the mask has fully dried. After that, wash it all off and you’re on your way to brighter and clearer skin!

I recommend adding this mask into your skincare routine at least twice a week to see results

Do you have any easy and affordable mask recipes? I’d love to hear about them if so!



The Boston Bargainista

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