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Beauteque April Empties

Hello Babes!

Now that we’ve officially hit May I wanted to round up the products I tried this month from my beloved Beauteque.com. Use affiliate code ASHLEY10  for 10% your purchase there! Some of these items are also on sale, so you’ll get additional savings on top of that! 😀 Plus, free shipping as always on orders $35+. They usually ship items super quickly as well! 😍

Skinfood Blueberry Mask 

This mask fit well and adhered well to the face, but only if you’re not moving around. It was saturated well and had a slight blueberry smell and imprint on the mask. The packaging says it helps prevent skin damage, did not see much difference in that realm but my skin was soft. Good mask for hydration,  I would repurchase. This mask is currently on an additional sale.


Beauty Friends Green Tea Mask 🍵

This mask was a bit too big for my face around mouth area. It had a srong herbal scent, not exactly green tea but very clean. If you are sensitive to smells, you may not like this mask. The mask was saturated well and my skin was soft into the next morning. I would repurchase this.


Berrisom Sheep Mask🐏🐑

This was a cute little mask.The mask itself was highly saturated, but had a bit of an awkward fit on my face.  I couldn’t place the smell…it was a slightly soapy, slightly shea butter smell. The mask soaked well into my skin.


Missha  Pure Source Cell Lotus Mask 🌺

I loved this mask!! It has a very strong floral fragrance, so do not use if  you are sensitive. The mask is made of a thinner material and is highly saturated. The eye holes were huge on my faec so the fit was a bit awkward. This mask stayed saturated for about 40 minutes. my skin definitely had a glow and looked brighter. I will absolutely repurchase and try other scents in the same line


Pink Lips Mask 💋

I couldn’t find the exact mask I used, so I am linking to this similar option on Beauteque. I do like lip masks, they feel nice on the lips and provide moisture. However, my one complaint is that you have to do these when you’re literally lying down stationary. But, I guess it’s a good excuse to relax?


Urban Dollkiss Mask China Dollar 🇨🇳💴

This mask was not very saturated,although it did feel like it soaked into my skin well. The mouth hole was small for my mouth. Very generic sheet mask mainly for moisture but my skin did feel plumper after using. This mask is good when you only have a short amount of time to use a mask as it does dry out after the 15  minute period it says to wear it.


Tony Moly Pomegranate I’m Real Mask

This mask fit my face well and also adhered well. The mask was soaked pretty well and stayed wet for awhile. The purpose of the mask was elasticity, which I didn’t exactly notice but my face was soft after use. The mask has a Slight fruity smell which was awesome.


Tony Moly Bunny Spray 🐰

Guys, I’m legitimately sad this is finished. I talked about my love for this spray here: Friday Favorite: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist 🐰

This spray smells amazing and lasts awhile! I have already repurchased another one because I love it so much!! This is def one of my top K-Beauty products.


 Lemon Mask  🍋

This mask was extremely soaked in essence. This mask smelled exactly like Bath and Body Works London Calling candle which has more of a lemon tea smell than a actual lemon but I’m obsessed with that scent so it worked for me.  If you are sensitive to smells than this mask may not be for you. This mask stayed wet way past the 20 minutes it said to keep the mask on. I would definitely repurchase these.

I couldn’t find an exact match for this one, so I’m linking to another great lemon mask from Beauteque.


Thanks for reading!




The Boston Bargainista

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