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April Empties 

Hello my loves,

Sorry the lack of a Friday favorite this week! It was 3 of my besties birthdays on Friday. Seriously, how is it possible all 3 are born on the same day? 

 Well it’s that time again. Another month has flown by, and we are now in May. Seriously, how crazy is that?  Time really flies, although here in Boston it hasn’t been feeling much like Spring lately…

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Sheet Masks:

Creme Shop Pink Lemonade Mask 🍋

This mask smells delicious like pink lemonade and was highly saturated and fit decently well. It was a typical sheet mask just for moisturizing and hydrating the skin but I would repurchase this just because of the scent. If you are sensitive to smells, then this mask may be too much for you.

Ecopure Orange Mask 🍊

Thi mask definitely had a citrus smell to it, almost like Sunny D or Tang “juice”, not like fresh citrus if that makes sense.  The mask was saturated and made of thin cotton. I’d say that this mask is mainly for hydration bu mu face did feel firmer after use/

Welcos Honey Mask 🍯

This mask is a favorite of mine. They come in a package of 10 and they’re such a great value for the pack- between $5.99 and $7.99 usually. They always leave my skin feeling softer and moisturized.

Secret Key Synake Mask 🐍

This mask  came soaked in essence  and was made of a thinner cotton material. There was a slight perfume smell to the mask, and my face felt firmer into the next morning after using. These masks are pretty affordable and I would definitely repurchase them.

Innisfree Canola Honey Hydrogel Mask 🍯

This mask came in two pieces, and it was a  bit messy and hard to get it to adhere to my face. It didn’t smell like honey but it could be because I was sick when I used the mask. My face felt slightly moisturized after and firmer but it was pretty typical.

Dermal Strawberry Mask 🍓

I was disappointed that this didn’t smell much like strawberry,just a  faint scent. This mask was a highly saturated, typical cotton sheet mask. The mask claimed to provide brightening effects. I guess my face did look slightly brighter and was softer in morning.

Spalife Platinum Mask

These masks are soaked well in essence and have a typical, clean shampoo type smell. My skin felt temporary firmer and was soft the next morning.

Ultrue Pore Jelly Mask

I love these masks. It was my first time trying a jelly mask, and I expected it to be lika gel like material, but it’s a cotton type mask that is literally covered in a jelly like essence. The cotton is very thin and saturated, so be careful when unpacking the mask to not rip it. The mask has a clean smell. My skin felt plump and moisturized and it stayed wet for over an hour. I would definitely repurchase these masks.

Rose Innisfree Mask

This mask was very saturated and the material was thin and  the essence absorbed well into my skin. I did notice my skin looked temporarily brighter after use. I was hoping the mask would smell like roses, especially with the pretty packaging but it just had a clean smell with a slight rose smell that was very faint.

Memebox Masks

Use code: http://share.memebox.com/x/I8mEZP for 20% off your 1st order of 25+.

Spalife Gold Gel Mask 💰

This mask came soaked in water and stayed wet for about an hour This mask was definitely not bad for a dollar. My skin felt moisturized and plumper after.

I couldn’t find the exact mask I used, so I linked to something similar on Memebox.

Bon Vivant Mint Tea Tree Mask

This mask has lots of essence, and a very minty smell. It’s made of a thin material and covered in essence. I used after getting eyebrows waxed and saw small break out occurring. The mask tingles and it definitely reduced the breakout/redness and my skin was soft. I will definitely be getting more of these when I get through my stash.


Spalife Papaya Lemongrass Mask

This mask was highly saturated and made of a thicker cotton. The mask smells slightly of papaya and stayed wet for about 45 minutes. I have already have more in my stash.

MJ Care Jasmine Mask

This mask definitely smelled strongly like jasmine, so if you are sensitive to smells do not use this mask. The mask was made of a thicker cotton soaked in essence and  stayed wet for awhile. Skin looked brighter and smoother next morning and I would definitely repurchase.

Forever 21 lavender

This mask smells amazing!! I am obsessed with the smell of lavender. For only $1, this mask was worth it’s value although it was not saturated well and dried out very quickly.This mask also feels a bit tingly. I  used this because I felt a pimple coming on.  The mask is made of a textured material but it’s not so soft. My skin felt slightly softer after use. Do to be honest, I’m not sure if I will repurchase or not but for the $1 it’s worth trying out and seeing if you like it.


Miss Tutii Masks: Use this code for 10% off your 1st purchase!

Sally’s Box Banana Mask 🍌

This mask smells amazing!!! The scent was very strong, so if you are not a fan of smells or bananas this mask is not for you. The mask is super saturated, but be careful because it’s prone to ripping easily because it’s so wet.  The mask is thin and clung to my face well and I could feel that the essence was soaking in well. I will absolutely be repurchasing this mask again.

[SALLY'S BOX] Loverecipe Banana Mask

Ariul Juice Mask Raspberry 

I was expecting this mask to smell great, but there was not much of a smell. This was a thinner mask that was soaked in essence, and there was enough essence to use for some cotton eye pads I had.  The mask left my skin moisturized, but it was just your typical sheet mask.

[ARIUL] Juice Cleanse Mask

Skin79 Strawberry Mask 🍓

I was a bit disappointed with this mask as it did not smell like strawberries, but rather had a shampoo type smell. This mask would not be good for those sensitive to smells. It was well saturated,  but fit my face a bit awkwardly. The mask itself was cute.

[SKIN79] Strawberry Girl Mask

3w Clinic Potato Mask 🍟

This mask didn’t smell like potato, just your typical clean smell. It was smaller than a lot of the other masks I use which works for me since my face is small but may not work for most people. The mask  cotton was on the thicker side and  stayed saturated for decent amount of time.

[3W CLINIC] Fresh Mask Sheet 1Pc

Sally’s Recipe Peach Mask 🍑

I was disappointed that it didn’t smell strongly of peach like I hoped. The mask has a small fit which is good for my face. The mask had lots of milky essence and stayed saturated for long time. My skin was softer into the next day. I would repurchase this despite it not smelling as I’d hoped.

Ariul Wheat and celery 🌾

This mask was soft and soaked well in essence. It smelled like celery slightly with an herbal sort of smell mixed in. The packaging says this mask is supposed to provide moisturize, which it did and my face was softer the next morning. A very typical mask otherwise.

[ARIUL] Juice Cleanse Mask

Mamonde Echinacea Mask

I used when I was sick because I figured why not?  It was very very soaked in essence, and stayed wet for atleast 45 mins. My skin was softer and clearer after. I would definitely repurchase this.

[MAMONDE] Flower Essential Mask 1Pc

Y.E.T. Infant Mask 👶🏽

This mask was very saturated, and had a strong fresh type scent. The mask had a strange fit around the mouth hole. My face felt tighter after use and so incredibly soft until the next day. I will absolutely repurchase this.

[Y.E.T] Don't Worry Sheet Mask

Beauty friends Aroma Mask 🌿

This mask was highly fragranced with some sort of herbal smell that I can’t place but I was not really a fan of. The Mouth area was small for me and did not fit well and the mask did not adhere well to my face. The mask was well saturated and left my skin feeling super soft. I would repurchase this because of how soft it made my skin and  because my skin also felt firmer.

[BEAUTYFRIENDS] II Essence Mask Sheet

Is Queen Fuji Sakura Mask

This mask had a nice, light floral scent with tons of essence. I used the left over for eye pads. The material was a thicker cotton and the mask fit my face well. I would repurchase this one.

[IsQueen] Fuji Sakura Brightening Mask

Seatree Steam Essence Mask 🐳

This mask had a very large eye, mouth and nose area. The mask had a  nice clean scent and was highly saturated. My skin felt soft after, but I felt this was a very typical mask.


Nature SC Egg Sleeping Pack 🍳

This little mask is enough for two uses, and probably three if I had planned better. I LOVE THIS MASK! It has a  very thick consistency that is deeply moisturizing. My skin seriously felt so soft after use. The mask doesn’t smell like egg  but smells amazing with a very clean fruity smell. I will definitely be purchasing more once I get through the sleeping packs I already own.

[Nature SC] Egg Sleeping Pack

Spalife Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E Moisture Gloves 🖐🏼

This gloves smelled like almond/cocoa butter. The inside was filled with a paraffin like material that heated up from my body heat. My hands were noticeably smooth and soft after and I already repurchased some more masks.

Spalife Spearmint and Tea Tree Foot Masks 🍃

These smelled strongly of mint, which I liked for my feet.  I left them on for about an hour, even though it said they just need 30 minutes and they remained wet throughout. They are filled with a paraffin type material. My feet were softer after use.

Spalife Tea and Peppermint Foot Masks 🍃🍵

These masks had more of a minty smell than a tea smell like I was hoping for. The result from using them was exactly the same as the masks listed above.

24k lip mask 💋

These masks moisturize well, but you have to stay in one place otherwise they’ll slip off. I like to use them when I am laying down with a sheet mask on.

Milani Grandissimo Mascara 

Brush was huge but good masacra although it dried out quickly but not sure if j bought it old. I would repurchase

Hard Candy Makeup Spray

I discussed this spray in a previous post: Review: Hard Candy Fast and Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray  but in a nutshell, this is a great makeup setting spray for the price. It lasts quite awhile, is only $6 and really sets face makeup. I will definitely repurchase more once I use up the other makeup sprays I have.

MAC Silver Aura Mineralized Sheersheen Powder 

This is an oldie but goodie. They don’t even make this anymore for me to link to it 😦 I had this powder forever and I loved it. I need to find a good dupe. It left just the right amount of shimmer to illuminate my face but not make me look like a disco ball. R.I.P old friend.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum

Another good product that I can’t seem to find online anymore. I found this at TJ Maxx or Marshalls and it was a pretty decent under eye cream. If I find this again I would re-buy this.

ELF Under Eye Conceal and Higlighter 


Green Tea Body Scrub 🍵

Smelled great like green tea and left my skin feeling smooth and soft. I  couldn’t find exact scrub so I am linking a similar one below.

Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash- Pear and Fuji Body Apple Wash 🍐🍏

This body was smelled good and was also moisturizing. It’s a typical body wash but left my skin soft and clean. I usually get lured in by all the new body washes that come out, but I would repurchase this in the future.

Secret Outlast Gel Deodorant

If you read these monthly, you know this is constant repurchase for me. I love the formula, it dries clear and the scent lasts all day.


Phew! That was a long one, especially since I usually use a sheet mask everyday so that makes for a lot of em to review at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading!!


The Boston Bargainista


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