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Friday Favorite: Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Chamomile Sea Salt Scrub 🍊


This Friday fav smells like pure heaven! Aside from that, it really softens the skin. 

If you love citrus smells, then this is the scrub for you. It just smells so fresh, and what I also really love is how finely the salt is ground in this scrub. Some other body scrubs that I’ve tried in the past had larger pieces of salt which were kind of harsh. This scrub leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. 

Another plus is that is gigantic! It’s a pretty serious tub and will last you awhile. Its also super bargain beauty–I believe this was less than $7 at Trader Joe’s.

Unfortunately, the only downside is that Trader Joe’s is a regional chain and some of you might not have access to this wonderful scrub! So, I apologize if that’s the case. 😕

However, for those of you who do live near a Trader Joe’s, I highly recommend this product. At the price, you can’t go wrong with trying it out. 

What are some of your favorite body scrubs?

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend guys! For my Boston based babes, tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be great so get out and enjoy our first real spring weekend! ❤️


The Boston Bargainista 

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