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Beauteque.com June Empties

Hi loves!

Another month has come and gone, but you know what that means- it’s time for some empties posts! The first items I will be discussing were all purchased off Beauteque.com. While all were purchased with my own funds, I do have an affiliate code: ASHLEY10 that will save you 10% off!

The best part is that Beauteque recently revamped their whole site and launched the mask marketplace with tons of new and exciting masks and products! For more info, check out their site at Beauteque.com or their Instagram @beautequeofficial or Twitter: @beauteque.

Be sure to check out all the dope new masks at Beauteque, and use code ASHLEY10 for a discount!

Welcos Jeju Honey Mask 🍯

Found this at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, if you have one close by I recommend checking out these masks because they’re affordable and work well. I couldn’t find them online, so I’m linking to one of my favorite honey masks Here. These masks are highly saturated and have a slight scent of honey. They leave the face soft and moisturized, and are made of a thinner cotton.

Skinfood Yogurt Mask

This mask fits well and is nicely saturated. It has a typical essence smell and is a textured mask. These masks are good for moisturizing.

Dermal Gold Mask 💰

I picked this one up at H-Mart, and couldn’t find an easy place to purchase online so I am linking to another gold mask I liked Here. This mask was made of a thicker cotton and had a typical essence smell. My face was softer in morning after using.

Yadah Pomegrante Mask

I was a little bit disappointed that This mask didn’t have much of a fruity scent, but rather a slight alcohol scent. Otherwise, this mask was soaked in essence and fit well. It is made of thinner cotton and was very refreshing on my face and I could feel the essence soaking in.

Skinfood Black Bean Mask

This mask had a perfect fit. The essence was half creamy, half watery and smelled like red bean ice cream almost. The mask stayed wet for about 45 minutes and had a ton of essence. My face felt moisturized afterwards.

The Masks Rose Mask 🌹

I’m linking to another rose mask I love because this one was not easy to find online. I pretty much love all rose masks. This one smelled amazing like rose. It was soaked well and had the typical amount of essence, typical thickness, etc. The only downside was that the fit was awkward. My skin felt firmer after use.

A’Pieu Banana Mask 🍌

I haven’t met a banana mask yet that  I didn’t like. I love anything banana scented, even if it’s that fake banana smell. This mask was a typical mask that I used for moisturizing. I am linking to a similar mask at Beauteque.

Innisfree Aloe Mask 

This mask was typical, but did the job. I used it after a day in the sun and it was soothing. It was made of a thinner material and was well soaked. My skin felt moisturized afterwards.

Toosowong Green Tea Mask 🍵

This mask had a really fresh, nice green tea smell. It does have a strong smell, so if you are sensitive to smells then this may not be  the one for you.  The mask was saturated nicely and made of a thinner material.  It fit face well. I really like this brand of masks and will purchase them again in future when I exhaust my stash.

Malie Green Tea Mask 🍵

This one was another that I could not find online easily so I’m linking to another green tea mask I like. This mask also had a strong green tea smell. I used after my eyebrow waxing and it was soothing. The mask was intended to moisturize which it did. it was made of a thicker cotton and soaked well.

MJ Rice Wine Mask 🍚

I’ve never smelled rice wine so not sure if that’s what this smelled like. I am linking to a similar mask at Beauteque. The mask was made of thicker material and soaked well. My skin felt plumper and moisturized after.

Dewy Tree Ceramide Mask

This mask had a really nice smell, it was drenched in essence and I even had some left over. I’m linking to this mask at Beauteque because it is similar and a bit cheaper.  It was a thinner mask and I felt the essence absorbed well.  The mask fit my face well and I would repurchase. My skin felt smoother after use.

NOHJ Aqua Soothing Hyaluronic Mask 💦

This mask was awesome! They are made of tencel fabric, and left my skin brighter, moisturized and soft. The sizing on these masks was great and they adhered really well to my face. There was tons of essence, so much that I had some left over to use later on. I would definitely repurchase these when I get through my stash!!

Foodaholic 3D Orange Mask 🍊

This was a 3D mask  that took a minute to get hang of, But once I did it fit well. It had the  typical amount of essence and slight scent of oranges . It was a typical mask, but worked for moisturizing.

Vanedo White Mask

Another mask that I am linking to a similar one because I purchased this at H-Mart. This mask was literally dripping and soaked in so much essence. It was refreshing and cooling on my face, and I felt it was really soaking in. The mask says it is intended for moisture, and it contained some sort of menthol which I didn’t realize prior to using the mask as the packaging was in Korean. It soothed my sinuses and smelled like plants.

Black Pearl Mask 🌑

This mask was basic. There’s no other way to call it. Typical essence, typical fit, typical results. However, I am linking to an AMAZING black pearl mask. I love My Beauty Diary masks, they have such wonderful results, composition, etc.

Botanic Farms Rose Mask  🌹

All of the masks I have tried from this brand are wonderful. This rose mask  did not disappoint at all!! It had a faint rose scent, it was saturated well, made of thinner cotton material and left my face super soft and moisturized after use.

Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Water 💧

I am OBSESSED with this cleansing water. Serious holy grail status. It smelled amazing like limes and sugar, took my makeup off so well,  and was so gentle. I really loved this, and will absolutely repurchase when I get through some of the other micellar waters I purchased to try. I discussed my love of cleansing/micellar waters here: Friday(errr… Sunday) Favorite: Micellar Water 💦.

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