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July Empties

Hi loves!

Here’s round two of my empties from July…(oops.) I will hopefully have the August empties up soon as well.

Memebox Items:

I figured since there was a number of items from Memebox that I would categorize them together. Be sure to use this affiliate link for 20% off your 1st purchase!  http://share.memebox.com/x/IbRDJn

Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water 💦

It’s no secret on here that I love micellar waters and use them daily. I feel like they really pull the extra dirt from your skin that even cleansers/makeup wipes sometimes don’t get. I liked this formula, it had a nice floral smell to it that wasn’t too perfumey. My skin was clean but not stripped after using, and the product is housed in a pretty decent size 340ml bottle. I’m pretty sure this product is exclusive to Memebox, and they do run sales on it sometimes. I will be repurchasing after trying out some of the other micellar waters I purchased.

Ladykin Watermelon Gel Icing Bar 🍉

I became obsessed with skin gels in the last month. This product was a holy grail for me after getting my 4 tattoos. It really moisturizes my skin without being too heavy. The gel  formula sinks into skin quickly and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. These gel formulas are also amazing on sunburns/after spending some time in the sun. They feel amazing if you pop them in the fridge on a hot day. This gel has a light, natural watermelon smell..nothing fake or candy like. It contains watermelon extract. Memebox also carries the mango and strawberry versions which I can’t wait to try.  I highly recommend this product and will absolutely be repurchasing.

 Innisfree Kiwi Mask 

This mask smells fruity which I liked, it was soaked well and was a typical cotton mask. It fit well and is constructed of a soft cotton material. It lasted the stated amount of time and had a creamy essence. The mask objective was moisture and it did moisturize my face well and my skin looked brighter after use. I recommend these masks, they’re great masks for the price.

Missha Deep Sea Water Mask 🌊

This mask is not easily found online, so I am linking to a very similar mask. The mouth and eye holes on this Missha brand mask were way too large. The mask was really saturated mask was the cotton was not a nice soft texture. I would not re buy the Missha brand mask, but I am obsessed with the mask I linked to.

 Botanic Farms Sea Mustard Mask 🌱

I love this mask brand! They fit so well and are so moisturizing. They are soaked well and stay moist for a long time. My skin always feels super soft after using these masks. This mask had a normal essence smell, and was made of a thinner cotton material. I will definitely repurchase these masks. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out at Memebox, but keep checking back at their site as they restock products often.

Berrisom Oops Soda Bubble Mask Poretox Fruit Mask ⚪️

This mask was so fun! This is not your typical sheet mask, instead you put it on and it cleanses your skin. The mask smelled amazing like candy, but if you are sensitive to smells you may not like it. The mask goes on your chin/nose region and starts to bubble up. It is a unique mask, and it would make a great gift. I recommend doing it before the shower as it really bubbles up and can get messy. My skin felt clean and soft after using. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Spalife Honey and Collagen Mask 🍯

Honey is one of my favorite scents so I was happy that this had the faint smell of honey. The mask was soaked normally and had the normal thickness of cotton. My skin felt plumper after use and moisturized. These masks are not easy to find online, so I’m linking to another honey favorite.

Naisture Elastic Q10 Mask 

The packaging for this mask says it revitalizes and moisturizes skin. It was a very generic mask but it did hydrate my skin. The cotton was on the thicker side, and it had a normal essence smell and fit on the face. I am linking to a better option  at Memebox.

Malie Pearl Mask ⚪️

The mask came all twisted, not sure if that’s why but eye holes were gigantic.had a terrible smell to it. thinner material and soaked well. Burned my face a bit. Said it was supposed to provide moisture. I am linking to a better option, and the best part is it’s on sale for $1 right now!

Skin Factory Vega Collagen Mask

This mask was soaked in tons of jelly like essence, with extra essence left in the package to use on my body. It smells like regular essence, and the mask is made of silk cellulose. The mask is very delicate, so be careful when removing from the package to not rip the mask. The only downside for me is that the eye holes were a bit large for my face. This mask is currently sold out on Memebox, but hopefully it will return soon.

Sally’s Box Paprika Mask 

I Love Sally’s Box masks because they’re made of a thinner material and soaked in tons of essence so I feel it soaks into my skin well. This mask has a typical essence smell and didn’t smell like paprika, haha. It fit my face well and left my skin brighter and smoother. Use this link for 10% off your first purchase! http://i.refs.cc/jxszws1Z

Skin18.com Masks

Like I did with all the Memebox items, I figured I would group together the masks from Skin18.com since there were a few. Use this link http://i.refs.cc/qCV5vBug for 25% off your 1st purchase! The best part about Skin18 is that you can choose freebies like free sheet masks on their freebies page!! There is also free shipping on orders $40+ and with a $40 order you can choose up to 8 freebies…that’s 8 free masks!

Foodaholic 4d Cactus Mask 🌵

This mask was the first mask that I’ve tried like this with ear holders on top and bottom portion of the mask to make it 4d. It fit my face a bit awkwardly because I have huge ears. It had a normal smell and amount of essence. The mask was on thicker side and was textured. The mask dried out in the amount of time specified on the package but my skin was soft after use.

Cliv Bee mask 🐝

This little bee mask was not the softest but usually that’s to be expected with printed character masks. This was the cutest of the character masks I’ve tried. I was hoping that it would smell like honey but it just had a typical essence smell. The mask fit well and was saturated with a normal amount of essence.

Celavi Honey Mask 🍯

I found this mask at H-Mart, but I am linking to a similar mask. These masks were typical run of the mill masks, intended for some hydration for the skin. It smelled like honey, which I liked. The cotton was the typical thickness and mask was soaked with the normal amount of essence. I would re buy these if I found them again at H-Mart because they are super affordable.

Mirium Honey Mask 🍯

Clearly I have a thing for honey masks. This mask smelled like honey which I love, it was saturated well and  was a good fit. The mask was soothing and cooling after 95 degree weather here in Boston. I would repurchase these masks as they smelled nice and left my skin super soft after use.

Dermal Potato Mask 🍟

This was a very typical mask. It was made of a thicker cotton and  had a normal amount of essence. The fit on this one was a bit weird for my face. It left my face moisturized after use, which it was intended for. I got this one from H-Mart, so I am linking to another potato mask that is very similar.

Ecopure Kiwi Mask

This mask smelled nice and fruity, it was soaked well but ripped really easily. The mask is made of a thinner material, and had so much essence I had some left in the package. It stayed wet for awhile and fit my face well. My skin was soft afterwards. Again,  I am linking to a similar mask since these are not easily found online.

Beauty Friends Cereal Mask 

This mask legit smelled like a box of cheerios, I wasn’t expecting the mask to actually smell like cereal. The mask was made of a thicker cotton and saturated well. The mask says it was intended for deep moisture, and it did hydrate my face but I wouldn’t say it was “deep moisture.” Like many of the above masks, these are affordable cheap masks that are good for some skin hydration.

Skinfood Lentil Mask

This mask was a textured mask with a typical amount of essence . It smells like typical essence, and stayed saturated for about 45 minutes. This mask left my skin looking brighter and refreshed.

JLC Oatmeal Mask 🍨

I purchased this mask from Marshalls, and unfortunately I could not find a similar mask online. There was not much of a smell, and the mask fit well. The mask promised to balance the skins ph, brighten, cleanse, etc but it was a pretty typical sheet mask. Worth the buck I paid for it, but nothing special.

Milani Total Lash Cover Mascara

When I first tried this mascara, I wasn’t really a fan. However, after using this a few times I grew to like it a lot. The wand is a larger, thicker wand and this mask gives a lot of volume to the lashes.

Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara

I generally use two mascaras at a time to achieve the lash length and volume that I want. This mascara worked well. It is double sided, with a primer on one side and the actual mascara product on the other. My lashes were lengthened and had volume. I really liked the primer, I have been using lash primers recently and I do notice a difference.


Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer

Is this the best moisturizer I’ve ever used? No. Is it super convenient, especially when I’m getting out of the shower and rushing? Yes. Smells like cocoa butter and has a thinner formula. I would repurchase because I like the spray nozzle and it really does sink into skin quickly.

Bioluxe Argan Hair Oil

I love argan oil for my hair and body, but this particular brand’s formula was god awful. It dried out my hair terribly, and left my hair feeing straw like. I usually used it after the shower on wet hair, but it still really did not work with my hair. I would not recommend this particular brand if you come across it.

Bath and Body Works Sugar Plum Dream Body Wash

As you can probably tell from the name, this was a Christmas scent that I received in a stocking and finally got around to using. The scent and formula were both nice. It’s a pretty typical body wash, but was a nice sensory experience. You can usually find a good deal on seasonal body washes at Bath and Body Works.

CVS After Shave Balm

I discussed this product on this blog post:  Bargain Beauty: Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as Primer . I used it as a makeup primer, and it works well. It is affordable and lasts forever.

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

Luckily, I don’t have wrinkles yet under my eyes so in terms of wrinkles I cannot speak too much to this product. As an under eye cream, it was nice. The consistency was a bit thicker, and it soaked into skin well. I got this on sale at Marshalls or one of those stores. I have a lot of other eye creams on my list to try, but if you happen to find this at a good price I would recommend it.

Lumene Rejuvenating Day Cream

This was a very typical facial moisturizer. No amazing results, but did it’s job of moisturizing my face and provided some SPF coverage. I bought this on sale, and probably won’t repurchase because there are a billion other moisturizers I want to try and there was nothing too extraordinary about this one.

Nivea Extended Moisture Body Lotion

Occasionally, my skin gets dry and itchy. This lotion especially helped with that problem in the winter. It’s not too thick, sinks in well, and helped to relieve the dryness my skin was experiencing. It was especially effective on my dry elbows. I will definitely repurchase this one once I get through some of my other lotions.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner

I have been using this spray detangler for years. It smells nice, and gets the job done. The best part is that it is super affordable! This is a great drugstore buy, I definitely recommend it. It leaves my hair soft and detangled.

Tony Moly Panda Whitening Hand Cream 🐼

First and foremost, the packaging on this hand cream is so freakin cute!! I loved it so much that I plan to wash out the empty container and reuse it for other creams. The panda is absolutely adorable. This hand cream was on the thicker side, and left my hands so soft! It is fragranced, and smelled like candy! I will absolutely repurchase this when I get through the other creams I have to try.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

I really liked this foundation. It was different thicker and more intense coverage. I think it would be a great foundation for winter. It is absolutely full coverage, and the formula goes on the face so smoothly and blends so well. I will definitely repurchase this one!

Baby Wash

I use baby wash daily to clean my makeup brushes and beauty blender. I think it works fairly well, and is so much more affordable than brush cleansers. I haven’t noticed much of a difference between the store brands and Johnson’s, so I usually just go for the cheaper option.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for my August empties!


The Boston Bargainista 

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