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End of the Year Beauteque Empties

Hello Darlings!

Happy New Year! Since I purchase/ am gifted a large amount of the skincare that I use from Beauteque, I figured I would compile them into one post. Use my affiliate code ASHLEY10 for 10% off any purchase at Beauteque! They include free masks with every order, so it’s a great place to shop!

Melon A’Pieu Mask 🍉

This mask was a highly saturated, thinner mask. It has a fruity smell to it which I loved. The package was in Korean so not sure of claims but it did leave my face feeling softer.

Berrisom Horror Skull Mask 💀☠️


The print of this mask was awesome! I used it around Halloween time. The mask soaked well into skin and had a jelly like essence which smelled great, This mask fit pretty well and I would re-buy it definitely.

Mediheal Pore Smart Mask

This was a two step mask. First was the ampoule gel and then the black mask. The mask fit well and was saturated nicely. My skin actually felt plumper after using and when I checked the next morning, the little bumps that were surfacing had disappeared. I definitely recommend these masks. This exact mask is sold out at Beauteque, but the one I am linking to is almost identical, without the ampoule step.

Holika Holika After Hard Study Mask

I could definitely smell the tea tree in this one, so if you are sensitive to smells this one is not for you. The eye holes were gigantic on my face, but otherwise it fit the rest of my face well. It was made of a thinner cotton and was saturated well. I used this when my skin felt like it could go borderline pimple mode and it did help a bit. Currently, this particular mask is out of stock at Beauteque, but I am linking to a similar one in the collection.

SNP Tiger Mask 🐅🐯

I love SNP’s brand of masks. They are always highly soaked with tons of extra essence in the package to use on your body or the next time. Their character masks are not made of that rough material that a lot of character masks are composed of. The masks fit pretty well and stayed adhered well, which is another problem that comes with character masks sometimes. My skin definitely felt tighter and firmer after using this mask. 

Etude House Lemon Mask 🍋

This smelled very lemony, which was great but again if you are sensitive to smells it may not be for you. This was highly saturated and promised to rejuvenate and brighten up skin. The mask cotton could have been a bit softer, but my skin did look brighter after use.

Berrisom Panda Mask 🐼

I used this at a time when my skin was sensitive and it burned. The mask had a slight berry smell. It was saturated well and was super cute but I think I used it on the wrong night for my skin. My skin did look better after use, and I would like to try this again when my skin isn’t irritated.

Mediheal WHP White Hydrating Charcoal Mask

This was highly saturated, it fit well and essence had a nice smell. the mask promised to help dry skin in “lustrous water-shine skin.” I felt that the essence soaked well into my skin, and it was definitely moisturized after use. I would repurchase this mask.

Skin79 Watermelon Girl Mask 🍉 

This mask sadly didn’t really smell like watermelon but was super cute and highly soaked. My skin was moisturized after as mask was intended for. Printed masks always have a strange texture to them, but this fit nicely on my face.

Holika Holika Juicy Mango Mask 

This mask smells so amazing, but it is highly scented if you are sensitive. It was soaked well, and was a thinner mask. The fit was a bit off for me, especially around the eye and mouth holes. I would repurchase this mask based off the smell alone. Of course, the mango one is now out of stock at Beauteque, but here is the honey version.

Holika Holika Gudetama Mask 🍳

I was sooooooo excited when Holika Holika put out this line because I am obsessed with Gudetama. The mask smells like green tea and was so adorable. The mask was a made of a thicker cotton material, and the fit was a bit awkward for my face. My skin was moisturized afterwards, and I would definitely repurchase based off the cuteness factor alone.

Etude House Lifting Up Hydrogel Mask

This mask felt so soothing on a day with 100 degree weather. This comes in two pieces, which made it much easier to apply to my face. The gel clung easily to my face and the mask was saturated well. There was not much a of smell to the mask. My skin was definitely refreshed and hydrated afterwards.

Berrisom Tiger Mask 🐯🐅

Holy moly this mask smells strongly of ginseng. If you don’t like smells, or ginseng in general this is not the mask for you. The mask was cute, and moisturized my skin.

Annie’s Way Oat Mask 🌾

This mask was soaked in essence, and  was made of a thinner cotton. My only qualm is it ripped easy in eye area. I could feel it soaking into my skin and it was super soothing on a 96 degree day. My skin was definitely softer after use. The mask smelled slightly of oats.

Esfolio Banana Mask 🍌

This mask smelled like banana candy and the scent is strong if you are sensitive. It soaked into my skin well and it was super moisturizing. The mask fit well and was soaked well with essence. My skin looked brighter and hydrated afterwards. Unfortunately, this mask is out of stock currently at Beauteque, but hopefully they will restock soon.

Dr.Hu Milk and Yogurt Mask 🍼

Unfortunately, these masks arrived and were expiring soon afterward. This mask had tons of essence and I could feel it sinking into my face and moisturizing on a 95 degree day. I am linking to a similar mask as these are not easy to find online.

SNP Bejing Opera Aqua Mask 👘

This was a cute mask, and was soaked nicely and left my skin very soft. The material was not rough like some other character masks are. I do really like the SNP brand of masks, even the character ones work well.

Somoon Sheep Mask 🐑

This mask was more creepy than cute but still a fun mask. It was saturated very well and had a pretty decent fit. The packaging was in all Korean but this mask was intended to be soothing and it was.

Tosoowong Aloe Mask 🌱

I used this on a day that the temperature was almost 100 and I had just waxed my eyebrows. It was incredibly soothing and fit and adhered well on my face. This had a really nice scent to it and left my skin feeling super fresh.

Leaders Amino AC-Free Mask

This mask had a nice smell but it may be too strong for some. I used this when I felt pimple coming on. It was a thinner material and super soaked in a jelly like essence. This mask literally stayed wet forever. I kept it on for atleast an hour, and it was still wet when I took it off. This mask is currently out of stock at Beauteque, but I am linking to another mask in the line.

My Beauty Diary Broccoli Mask

I love this brand of masks because they always fit well and  are soaked well in essence. There was not much of a smell to this mask. This mask was supposed to rejuvenate and moisturize, and my skin was definitely softer after use.

Somoon Bear Mask 🐻

This mask smelled nothing like honey but this mask was super cute. My skin was too sensitive at the time I used it after deep cleansing so it burned a bit. I want to try this again at a time when my skin isn’t so sensitive.

Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist Charcoal Mask

This mask was saturated well, with not much of a smell. It fit well and tingled a bit. I used this when I felt a pimple potentially coming on, and the pimple never came to surface so I’m going to consider this a victory. This one is currently out of stock at Beauteque, but I am linking to another great mask from this brand.

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Mask 🍓

Again, I love this brand! There was so much essence in this package that it was dripping off the mask. The mask was a thinner material and I could feel the essence soaking in. This mask smelled delicious like strawberry kefir.

Berrisom Monkey Snail Mask 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒

The mask itself was a bit scary, didn’t look too much like a monkey but the actual mask properties were really good so I would repurchase. The fit was a bit off but there was a lot of essence on the mask.

My Beauty Diary Apple Mask 🍏🍎

This mask smelled just like fresh apples/apple cider. This mask was also dripping with tons of essence. These masks are a great fit for smaller faces. Again, I could feel the essence soaking in and my skin was super soft after use.

Botanic Farms Rice Mask 🍚🍙

This is another brand of masks that I love. These masks are made of a thinner material, and soaked well  with essence.  The mask had a typical essence smell. I used this after the beach for some moisture, and it left my skin feeling very soft.

Annie’s Way Green Tea Relaxing Silk Mask  🍵

I love Annie’s Way masks. This mask smelled of green tea, which I loved. It was very moisturizing and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Vanedo Beauty Friends Marine Algae 

I couldn’t find this exact one online, but I am linking to a similar Beauty Friends mask. This was a typical run of the mill mask, made of thicker cotton but soaked nicely. There wasn’t much of a smell to the masks.

SNP Dragon Soothing Mask 🐉🐲

This mask was super cute! This mask smelled like green tea, and I  used after an eyebrow wax. The mask was saturated well and the fit was decent and adhered well. My skin was much softer after using this mask and it definitely did soothe and cool my irritated eyebrow area. I am linking to a similar dragon mask since this one isn’t available at the moment.

NOHJ Superfood Honey Mask 🐝🍯

I love NOHJ masks. This mask smelled nicely and was soaked really well. These masks stay wet for awhile, and always leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The Face Shop Real Nature Pomegranate Mask 

This mask had lots of essence which felt like it sunk into my skin really well.  This mask fit my face really well. Overall, I was happy with it.

RE:CIPE Slowganic Peach Mask 🍑

I couldn’t find the peach mask online so I am going to link to equally as good grape mask from the same brand. This mask smelled like St. Ives apricot scrub.  The mask was highly soaked with extra essence in package and was made of typical cotton material. It fit well.

Etude House Damask Rose Mask 🌹

This mask smelled amazing like roses!! I am obsessed with rose scented stuff. The mask adhered well and was very soothing. I could feel the essence soaking into my skin. There was lots of extra essence in the package and the mask was made of a thinner cotton which was nice.

The Face Shop Peony Mask 💐

This mask was very highly fragranced with a floral smell  so if you are sensitive to scents this mask is not for you. The mask was soaked super well and had extra essence in the package. The mask was made of a thinner cotton and the essence soaked well into the skin. My skin was moisturized really well afterwards and looked brighter.

Mediheal Line Friends I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask

I loved this mask because it had cute characters on it but didn’t have the rough texture that many character masks have. The mask was highly saturated and did not have much of a smell. My skin looked brighter after using this mask.

Leaders Snail Mask 🐌

I couldn’t find this exact mask online to link to so I am linking to a similar mask. This mask had a gel like essence and was a thinner mask. The essence didn’t have much of a smell and the gel of the mask made the mask feel extremely soft and comfy on the face. The essence soaked really well into skin and  the mask stayed wet for an hour. My skin was super bright and hydrated after using this mask.

Botanic Farm Sea Mustard Mask 

I love love love this brand, I haven’t had a bad mask yet. These masks are always soaked with extra essence. They fit my face so nicely and my skin was so soft after use. This particular mask wasn’t available, but I am linking to a similar one. 

The Face Shop Cherry Lips Patch 🍒💋

These masks are made of a gel material and are very soothing on the lips. They can be a little bit slippery so I usually use them when I’m chilling in bed. Afterwards, my lips are smoother and softer.

SKIN79 Pomegranate Girl Fruit Mask

This was another character mask that thankfully is not as rough as some of the others I’ve tried. The mask was made of a thinner material and had a jelly like essence. The fit was decent except for around the eye holes. Sadly, this mask did not smell like pomegranate which was the one disappointment.

Charcoal Mask 

I don’t even remember the brand on this one I bought from Marshalls, but it was an off brand and it was TERRIBLE. It ripped apart almost instantly and I threw it away. I am linking to a way better charcoal mask that I love.

Skinfood Olive Mask 

This mask was made of a thicker textured cotton, with the normal amount of essence and not much of a smell.  The mask fit my face well and stayed wet for about 25-30 mins. This was a very typical mask for moisturizing.

Vanedo Royal Jelly Mask 🍯🐝

I couldn’t find this exact mask online, but I actually have a few wonderful alternatives here, here, and here. I love anything honey scented, so I have tried several varieties. This one smelled like honey and was saturated well with extra essence. The fit was ok, but was a bit wide around the mouth.

Dermal Platinum Mask 

The platinum mask is no longer available online, but the charcoal one is very similar. The masks have a slight fragrance, and are made of a thicker cotton with lots of essence. The essence absorbs really well and my skin felt firmer after using.

Ariul Tea Tree 7 Days Mask

I love tea tree masks when blemishes are starting to form on my face. Usually the tea tree shrinks the spot majorly. This mask was made of a thinner cotton and stayed wet for about 45 minutes.

Missha Pure Source Lemon Mask  🍋

This mask smelled very strongly of lemon, so if you are sensitive to smells then this may not be for you.  These masks were slightly textured and soaked well. My skin was softer after use.

Creme Shop Zebra Mask

This mask was super small and did not fit or adhere well. The mask was made of  a very rough material and was extremely creepy looking with eye flaps. The essence dried out too quickly and I do not recommend this mask. However, this mask is a much better alternative.

Berrisom Raccoon Placenta+Adenosine Mask 

This mask was saturated nicely and had an earthy smell to it. My skin was very soft after using it, and again like the other masks from this brand the cotton was relatively soft for a character mask. I would definitely repurchase these again.

SNP Otter Aqua Mask

I love these masks, I reviewed them previously here: SNP (Shining Nature Purity) Animal Otter Aqua Sheet Mask 

Somoon Ampoule Juice Frog Pore Mask 🐸

I love these masks!! They have lots of jelly like essence, and smelled faintly of apples. I thought this mask was super cute and  the fit  was really nice. The masks are soaked well and last for about an hour. My skin was definitely softer after use and I will be repurchasing these.

Mediheal Dress Code Red Mask 🎭

So the red mask is currently not available, but I am linking to the purple version which is equally as fab! The fit on these masks is perfect! They are thinner masks and are soaked so well. The essence soaked into my skin really well, and the print on these masks is actually really beautiful! I highly recommend these.

Mediheal Line Friends E.G.T. Timetox Mask  🕐

This mask had almost a jelly like essence and smelled like green tea.  The mask was very soothing after I overly scrubbed my face (oops.) The fit was a bit big for my face, but I have a smaller face so that could be why. The mask stayed moist for awhile, and had a cute little character print on the cheek.

 SKIN 9 Village Super Puppy Whitening Honey Mask 🐶🐕

I loved this brand of masks! They were soaked really nicely, stayed wet for awhile and stayed on! The fit was nice on these, and the best part was it smelled like honey! My skin was super soft after using this mask, as well as the cheetah one I tried from this brand. I will definitely be repurchasing these!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to use code ASHLEY10 for 10% off your Beauteque purchase!


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