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Memebox Haul! 📦

My Memebox order came on Friday! Right in time for the weekend 😀. Here is what I got for about $40. Bargain, I tell ya. I got these great deals with promo codes and Memebucks, which you earn from each purchase. Occasionally like last weekend, Memebox will offer extra Memebucks from a purchase. I will… Continue reading Memebox Haul! 📦

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Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Cream Review ðŸŒ

  Bananas in pajamas, are coming down the stairs… (Get it? Because it’s a banana sleeping pack.) Today I’m going to be reviewing the Tony Moly banana sleeping pack and hand cream. Let’s be honest, the first reason I purchased these products was because of the cute packaging. I purchased mine on Amazon because it was… Continue reading Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack and Hand Cream Review ðŸŒ

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I put snails on my face?? ðŸŒ

  Say what? 🤔 For those of you not familiar with Korean skincare, this may sound strange. However, snail mucin has a number of beneficial purposes for your skin including revitalizing your skin tone, fading scars, and helping to clear blemishes from your skin. While the concept does seem a bit gross; you’re literally putting… Continue reading I put snails on my face?? ðŸŒ

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Koreadepart.com Review 

Hi! I figured for my first real post, I would do a review of my recent order from Koreadepart.com. For those not familiar, Koreadepart.com is a Korean website specializing in Korean makeup, skincare , fashion and food. For this review, I won’t be reviewing the actual products I ordered but rather a review of the… Continue reading Koreadepart.com Review