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SNP (Shining Nature Purity) Animal Otter Aqua Sheet Mask 

I’m not sad, I promise.

If you follow my Instagram and/or Twitter, you know that on Friday night I tried out this SNP mask. Although I think I looked more like Papa Shango than an otter, overall I liked this mask.

This mask is SO SATURATED. Like dripping wet. Infact, there was so much extra serum in the package I used the remainder the next morning and again the next afternoon.

The reason why these have so much moisture is because they contain coconut water.

These might not be good for oily/acne prone skin, as they’re super moisturizing and it might be too much.

The next morning after using the mask, my skin felt super soft. On my skin which is normal to dry, it did not cause any breakouts.

A fun fact is that a proceed from these masks is donated by SNP to Korea’s Animal Protection Society. That’s pretty dope.

I got these masks for an amazing deal on Amazon. They’re normally around $20-25 for a box of 10 and I got them for about $13. Here’s the exact package I got:

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All in all, these masks are fun and if I get them for this great bargain again I will definitely repurchase when I get through my stash of sheet masks.


The Boston Bargainista

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