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Weird stuff that I put on my face, Part 2

Another episode of weird crap I put on my face. Before I begin, let me clarify that the cream I am going to discuss below is NOT yeast infection cream. I think that would probably be a bad scene if you put that on your face.

Rest assured, I didn’t randomly own this cream and decide to slather it on my face one day. I was doing some Google research on budget face primers and somehow a link to this came up. Although, I do wonder who first decided “let me put this ish on my face and see what happens??”

What is it you ask? Monistat anti-chafing gel and I’ve tried it out on my face so you don’t have to.

Nevertheless, I decided to suck up my pride and march myself into CVS to give this a try. Thank god for CVS self checkout. Not that it’s a big deal if I was purchasing this for other reasons, but it saves that awkward cashier moment.

The cheapest place I’ve found this is Walmart. If you’re feeling adventurous but don’t want to spend a lot, I would recommend Walmart or Amazon as that’s the cheapest options I found. I paid almost double at CVS 😭.

So, was this just some sick joke someone posted on the Internet to have us look like a bunch of fools that will put anything on our face to save a few bucks?

Nope. It’s totally 100% legit my friends, and here’s why:

  • The main ingredient dimithicone in this gel is the same as in many primers such as Smashbox Photo Finish primer
  • It is fragrance free and has aloe to soothe sensitive skin
  • It really makes the makeup on my face last all day, and instantly made my face smoother and pores smaller

Best of all, it’s super cheap!! I was in Sephora yesterday and the Smashbox primer retails at around $36. Even the at the CVS price, it’s 4x cheaper. 🙊

I definitely recommend trying this out and seeing if it works for you. I’m a fan and will now purchase this in lieu of more expensive primers with the exact same prices!

Do you know of any other crazy/budget beauty secrets? Comment below with yours!


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