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Friday Favorite: Beauteque.com

Hello there!

As I’m sure many of you can tell from following my blog, Instagram and Twitter… I am a skincare junkie…especially Asian beauty products! You probably also notice that I often post links to Beautque.com because this is one of my favorite places to shop for Asian skincare! They’re always coming up with new and exciting products, packages and promotions that keep luring me in even when I am supposed to be on a spending hiatus.

Recently, they launched a few different things including a St. Patrick’s Day themed sheet mask bag and Shamrock box full of K-Beauty, which is still available here. They also curated a Midday Juice Bar sheet mask set that comes in 5 different fruit themed packages.

Their latest launch was Beauteque City, which is explained in the blog post I just linked to, but to make it short: they will be offering giveaways, discounts, free gifts with purchase, etc all month long!

They also offer 2 subscription services, a monthly box of K-Beauty goodies BB Bag which is $24 monthly, $23 for 6 months, and $22 for a year subscription. The items in the boxes retail at double if not triple the monthly subscription cost, so it’s totally worth it.

They also offer a sheet mask subscription called Mask Maven which sends 9 to 11 masks to you monthly.  The cost is $15 month to month, $14 for 6 months, and $13 for the yearly subscription.

The cool thing is that Beauteque gives spoilers before the box/masks are sent to you,  so you can see if you want to sign up for that month’s set if you are doing month to month, or get excited for what’s coming if you did the monthly subscription!  You can find out more about the subscriptions here: Subscriptions.

The best part is that Beauteque ships from the US, and they ship super fast! I’ve received my orders usually within 2-3 days.

I highly recommend this site for anyone looking for good deals on K-beauty, sheet masks or wants to try something new!

This post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own but does contain affiliate links. Use code ASHLEY10 for 10% off your order, which also can be used off the sheet mask or K-beauty monthly subscriptions.


The Boston Bargainista


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