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Beauteque Monthly Empties 

Hello my loves!

Sorry for the hiatus but now I’m back. I seriously cannot believe it is already June!! I have been blogging now for almost 5 months. It’s crazy how time flies. Anyways, it’s that time again… my monthly empties! I feel like I had a bunch this month.

This post will be the masks I have used from Beauteque.com this month. Use code my affiliate code ASHLEY10 for 10% off your purchase there! I love Beauteque, they are US based and offer super fast shipping!

Anyways, on to the sheet masks!

My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask

I used this when I had a  sunburn and it felt amazing!! It has a slight menthol smell and a cooling tingle sensation. It stayed saturated for awhile and fit well. I already repurchased more.


Dermal Charcoal Collagen Essence Mask Mask

I used this when I felt a blemish forming. The mask was soaked well and  and was really just a typical cotton sheet mask. I didn’t see a drastic change to the blemish, but the mask did moisturize. It had the typical sheet masky smell to it.


SNP Beijing Opera Mask 🗿🎭

SNP masks always have tons and tons of essence, I love their masks because of that. There was enough left over that I used the extra essence for under eye pads and on top of that the masks are super fun. This particular mask made me feel like I was reliving my Insane Clown Posse following days 😆  The mask was extremely moisturizing which is what it was intended for and I felt like the essence soaked into my skin well. I would definitely repurchase for the mask itself as well as the novelty 😁


Esfolio Volcanic Water

I purchased this on the Beauteque site but it seems it is currently out of stock. This mask was highly saturated and cooling. The only downside was that got all twisted, so be careful because it’s delicate.  There is not really much of a smell to it. Packing says it removes skin wastes 🤔 but I didn’t see a dramatic change.

Naisture Cooling Cucumber

This mask smelled like cucumber and had a good amount of essence. Thicker cotton, typical sheet mask which was good for moisture.

Couldn’t find exact match online, so I am linking to another great option:


Botanic Farms Rice Mask 🍚

This mask had a slight alcohol/essence smell. I love  Botanic Farms masks  because they’re soaked in essence, fit well, and are a thinner material. This mask had a slight tingle to it, and I did notice that my skin looked brighter.


3w Clinic Ginseng Mask

This mask definitely smells strongly of ginseng, so do not use if you are sensitive to smells. It was a typical sheet mask and made of thinner cotton. Good for moisturizing. The mask tingled a bit, and my skin was softer after use.


Tony Moly I’m Real Avocado Mask

This mask had a clean shampoo sort of smell. It was made of a thin cotton and was highly saturated. These I’m Real masks are great sheet masks for moisture.


Chamomile Sheet Mask

I used this mask after getting a sunburn. It was highly saturated and the mask was made of thinner material. The mask lasted for about 45 mins and sunk into the skin well. My skin felt firmer right after use.

I’m linking to similar options :



Urban Dollkiss American Dollar Mask 💵

Not very saturated, good for when you want to mask quickly. I used this when I was sick so I’m not sure if there’s a scent. The material was thin and stiff. The mask tingled a bit and I felt it absorbed into skin well.


Annie’s Way Chamomile Mask

This mask was super soaked and had a light chamomile smell. The mask is very thin, so be careful when taking it from the package because I ripped it by accident. I could really feel it soaking in. My skin felt immediately softer and firmer after use. I really like these Annie’s Way masks.


Naisture Caviar Mask 🐟

This mask had a creamy essence and was soaked in essence. Had a clean smell, don’t worry it didn’t smell like fish. My skin was definitely moisturized well after use.

I am linking to a similar option since I could not find this online:


Innisfree Aloe Hydro Gel Mask

My bestie Court gave me this one as a gift. It came in handy when I had a sunburn. The mask is made of two pieces, it was bit of awkward fitting but it was cooling. I would repurchase this.


Spalife Peppermint Foot Mask

I love to leave these foot masks on when I am watching tv. After use, my feet feel much smoother.

I am linking to a similar option:


Thank you guys for reading! Be sure to check out Beauteque.com for awesome K Beauty finds! Use code ASHLEY10 for a discount. This post did contain affiliate links to provide my readers with a discount. All opinions are mine.




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