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2018 Empties


It has been far too long! I have been doing far more daily reviews over on my instagram so head over there if you want more daily content. I have finally gotten back into the swing of almost daily sheet masking, so I finally have more reviews to post!

So let’s dive right on in…..

Sheet Masks:

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask 🍓

This mask was super soothing and smelled slightly of strawberries. The mask was made of a thin material, and it my face perfectly. The masks adhere really well, and there was lots of jelly like essence.  The mask stayed wet for almost an hour, and soaked into my skin very well. My skin was noticeably softer the next morning. I love My Beauty Diary masks, and I highly recommend them. I am linking to a similar mask since I couldn’t find this one online.

My Beauty Diary Apple Mask 🍎🍏

This echoes everything listed above but with the smell of apple juice. Yum. You can find the mask here.

MJ Grape Mask 🍇

This mask was made of a thicker cotton but was soaked nicely. It smelled faintly of grape juice and was soothing. There wasn’t much of an after effect except for the moisturizing properties. I am linking to another grape mask I’ve tried with better results.

The Creme Shop Rose Water Mask 🌹

Rose scented things are my second favorite next to honey. This mask smelled amazing! The mask was soaked very nicely and was very soothing. My skin was softer after use.  I have only come across these masks at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, so I am linking to a similar mask.

The Cure Cucumber Mask 🥒

This mask was made of a thicker, textured cotton. It had a s slight cucumber smell, was soaked very well and soaked well into my skin. The mask had a bit of stretch to it and fit well. Overall, my skin was much softer after use. I am linking to a similar mask.

Innisfree It’s Real Shea butter Mask 🌰

I’m a fan of this line of Innisfree masks. They’re affordable and the results are good. This mask had a milky essence to it and fit very well.  The essence soaked in really well and my skin was super soft the next morning!

Beauty Friends Potato Mask 🥔

This mask had an extremely strong starchy/potato smell. The smell was a bit too much for me to handle. My skin was soft after using this mask, but I would not repurchase based on the smell. I am linking to another potato mask.

Leaders Coconut Gel Broccoli Mask 🥦

This mask had tons of extra jelly essence in the package. Gel masks that come in one piece are usually tougher to get on but this one wasn’t too bad. This had a nice smell, not like broccoli hahah. This mask was very soothing and stayed wet for over an hour.

Leaders Coconut Gel Orange Mask 🍊

See above.

Naruko Rose and Botanic HA Mask 🌹

This mask smelled nicely of rose. It hydrated my skin really well. It was soaked nicely in essence and my skin was soft after using this.

Spalife Honey Mask 🍯

This mask smelled faintly of honey and was made of a thicker cotton. This was mainly for moisture but was soothing. This was a TJ  Maxx find. I think there’s better honey masks out there, but for a $1 mask it wasn’t bad.

Tosowoong Pure Aloe Mask 🌿

I love these masks after getting my eyebrows done. This aloe version was extremely soothing afterwards. The mask fits my face perfectly and adhered well. It stayed wet for about 45 minutes, and after using my skin was softer. I am linking to a similar aloe mask.

Epielle Facial Essence Mask: Activated Charcoal

This mask surprised me. I picked it up in a 4 pack from Big Lots with little to no expectations. Instead, I found a black charcoal mask soaked in essence. It stayed wet for almost an hour and my skin was softer after using this. If you come across these at your local Big Lots, I recommend picking the pack up. Here is another similar option.

Primark 3D Sheet Mask

The fit on this mask was quite interesting because this was a 3D mask. The mask was soaked well and the scent reminded me of baby wipes. My only qualm was that the cotton on this mask was a bit rough. My skin was moisturized afterwards, but there was no crazy results.

Berrisom Hyaluronic Acid Puppy Animal Mask 🐶

I love a good character mask for some fun, and cute pictures. Character masks can be hit or miss; the cuteness is there but they are often rough or offer little to no actually skincare benefit. The Berrisom ones are pretty decent. This one was made of a thicker cotton but was saturated decently well. My skin was softer after using,  but no crazy benefits. This mask was more for the fun of it, but I do recommend this if you are looking to try a character mask.

Berrisom Placenta Racoon Animal Mask 🦝

Same as above. I couldn’t find a link to this one.

Naisture White Rose Mask 🌹

I got these in a pack of 10 on Amazon. These are good for when you want to do a quick sheet mask for some moisture. Here is a similar rose mask.

Cosima Juju Farm Ginseng Mask

Ginseng is one of those scents that either you like it or you don’t. This mask smelled strongly of ginseng. I got this at a local Asian grocery. It was a typical mask for quick hydration. Here’s another mask that is similar.

Cosima Jeju Farm Snail Mask 🐌

This was the same as above, except it had a shampoo like smell. Again, here is a similar mask.

NOTS Deep Water Wrapping Mask 💦

This mask was amazing after an eyebrow waxing. This mask was super soaked in essence and stayed wet for over an hour. It really hydrated my skin and soothed. Here is a similar mask. 

Holika Holika Piggy Collagen Mask  🐷

This was a gel mask and came in two pieces which was nice because sometimes gel masks can be hard to get on. This mask was very delicate and ripped easily so be careful. I know when it comes to masks with animal products people can be concerned about the smell. This mask had a normal essence smell and was actually my first mask with animal collagen in it. The mask was very cooling and adhered so well that it felt like second skin. I really enjoyed this mask, and would definitely repurchase. My skin was brighter and softer after using this.

Lovemore Pearl Barley and Milk Mask ⚪️🍼

This mask was pretty typical. There was not much of a scent to this, and it was soaked decently well. I can’t find any similar masks to link to, unfortunately.

Primark Brightening Pearl Mask ⚪️

Like the other Primark mask, there was nothing special to this. The cotton was rough and it hydrated my face temporarily. This mask is a way better option.

Dearpacker Royal Black Black Tea and Black Rose Mask 🍵🌹

This was an amazing hydrogel Mask. There was actual bits of tea leaf and rose in the mask. The mask smelled faintly of tea and rose. It hydrated well and I left it on for about 45 minutes. I would definitely repurchase this.

Immulab Probiotic Biomega 3 Mask

I received this mask at a trial fee in exchange for my honest review. This mask was extremely soaked in a milky essence, to the point I had to be very careful putting it on or it would rip. It stayed wet for almost an hour and didn’t have much of a smell. The mask I tried out was the biomega 3, which is supposed to have brightening properties. My skin was definitely smoother and softer after using, but I didn’t notice crazy brightening effects. I’m excited to try out the other masks in the line and see how they are. The mask fit my face well and adhered well. There was also leftover essence in the package which I used afterwards. Overall, so far so good with these masks.  I couldn’t find something similar to link to.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask 🍯

This is another favorite in the AB community. It smells of honey, and is super soaked in essence. It stayed wet for awhile and left my skin looking brighter and smoother.

Skylake Herb Dual Maskpack 🌿

This mask kind of smelled like cereal, which isn’t a bad thing. It did a nice job of moisturizing and adhered well to my face. Here is something similar.

Beauty Secret Lab Honey Coconut 🍯🥥

This mask was a pretty decent find from TJ Maxx. Your typical run of the mill sheet mask but stayed wet for awhile and left my face hydrated after. I used this while in Curaçao after a day in the sun. These masks were something like 10 in a pack for $5 so for .50 a mask they’re definitely worth the deal if you see them at Marshalls or TJs.

Dewytree Black Ginseng Mask

This mask smelled strongly of ginseng, which doesn’t bother me but if you’re sensitive to smells/ don’t like the scent then stay away. This mask adhered nicely and stayed moist for awhile. Afterwards, my face felt refreshed and soft. I have been a fan of Dewytree masks and this one is a good find. Here is the snail version of this mask.

Tony Moly Makgeolli Sheet Mask 🍶

These masks were some of the first I tried when I was getting into K-Beauty. A cult favorite, this mask is a good starting point for those trying to get into sheet masks. You can find this in a pack with other flavors on Amazon for a reasonable price. I’ve seen these at some like $3-4 bucks at Urban Outfitters, Ulta, or Macy’s but they’re def cheaper on Amazon. These hydrate well. This didn’t have much of a scent to it.

Tony Moly Charcoal Sheet Mask

This echoes everything above.

Tony Moly Rose Sheet Mask 🌹

Same as above, but smelled like rose. ❤️

I tried to find the variety pack I got off Amazon but it seems to be out of stock.

Creme Shop Pink Lemonade Mask 🍋

These masks are another good Marshalls/TJ Maxx find. Overall, I’ve had pretty good results from the Creme Shop brand. This mask smelled citrusy and stayed wet for awhile. My skin looked refreshed and brighter after using this. These come out to about a buck a piece as they’re usually $4.99 for a pack of 5. Definitely worth it if you see them.

My Scheming Provence Lavender Soothing Mask

I’m a big fan of lavender as well as this brand of masks. They’re always super soaked in essence and this one smells amazing. It left my face super soft and hydrated and fit my face perfectly. Would definitely repurchase this one. Here is a similar mask.

Mediheal H.D.P. Pore-Stamping Charcoal-Mineral Mask

Mediheal is another great brand for those getting into K-Beauty. It’s easily found on Amazon, the masks give good results and they’re affordable. I use this one when my face has blemishes. It really helps to clear my skin up without drying my skin out. I have repurchased this mask several times. Here is a box of 10 of these masks on Amazon.

Dermal Bee Venom Mask 🐝

This mask claims to soothe, firm and repair but was a pretty generic sheet mask to me. It moisturized my skin but I didn’t see any firming results from this. I couldn’t quite find something like this to link to.

 Berrisom Real Juju Skingel Mask

This mask is great for after the sun/eyebrow waxing. It’s refreshing and cooling with tons of essence. It stayed wet for over an hour and really hydrated my skin. I was very pleased with the results from this and would definitely repurchase this.

LoveRecipe Banana Mask 🍌

I’m always attracted to masks with interesting scents or ingredients. I love bananas and the smell of them so I was super game for this mask. It did have a banana scent to it. It dried out after about 25-30 minutes but my skin felt hydrated after. Here is a similar mask. 

LoveRecipe Pear Mask 🍐

Same as above, except that the scent on the pear version was much more faint. I couldn’t find something similar to link to.

SNP Rabbit Whitening Face Art Mask 🐰

SNP is one of the only character mask brands that actually moisturize and acts as a normal sheet mask. Usually character masks are very rough cotton with little moisturizatoon. This mask was cute and also hydrated my skin. I couldn’t find this mask to link to.

The Creme Shop Oh Deer! Mask 🦌

I thought the mask may have been a character mask from the packaging. It was actually a regular sheet mask but worked really well. It had a faint citrus smell and stayed wet for awhile. The mask is supposed to be detoxifying. I didn’t notice any crazy results but it was a nice mask. This had been a Marshalls find.

Gate Solution Frozen Mask ❄️

This mask was one I received at a trial fee in exchange for my honest review. I was definitely intrigued by the fact that this goes in the freezer and should be used frozen. I used this on a hot summer day and I have to say that it did refresh my skin. It didn’t stay cold for as long as I thought it would, but definitely soothed my skin and left it feeling softer. I would definitely use this mask again.

Lanocreme Manuka Honey Mask 🍯

As I’ve said many times, honey is one of my favorite ingredients in skincare. This was another TJ Maxx find. I wasn’t crazy about this, to be honest. It gave my face a strange tingling sensation. That’s not to say it won’t work for others skin, but it did not mesh well with me. It had a faint honey scent. Here is another honey mask.

Naisture Lovely Strawberry Mask 🍓

This mask smelled like strawberry candy. Pretty typical in terms of moisturizing and hydrating skin, but would repurchase because I liked the smell. These are pretty cheap and can be found on Amazon or sometimes at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. Here is a similar strawberry mask.

Ariul Aloe 7 days Mask 🌿

I used this mask after an eyebrow waxing, and it was soothing on my skin. It left my skin feeling moisturized and soft the next morning. I have recently seen this brand pop up at CVS, and would definitely recommend trying it out from there. It’s way better than most of the sheet masks that are also sold there. Here is a similar mask.

Mamonde Peach Blossom Shiny Hydrating Flower Mask 🍑

This mask smelled wonderful. It was soaked nicely in essence and left my face feeling super soft. The essence was almost milky and very hydrating. The one thing I will say is these masks are on the smaller side. I would definitely repurchase this if I come across it again. Here is a similar mask.

My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask 💦

As I’ve previously said, I’m a big fan of this brand. The masks are always soaked super well and leave my skin feeling amazing. I used this one after derma-rolling my face. It was soothing and moisturizing, exactly what my skin needed. Would definitely repurchase this. I couldn’t find a similar mask to link to.

Dewy Tree Aqua Panda Mask 🐼

This mask had a weird plastic smell but was soaked well.  The mask was rough like most character ones are. Here is a similar mask.

Beautymory Real Glow Caviar Mask

Well since I suddenly became allergic to truffles, I will have to settle for using them in sheet masks 🤔 This mask was super soaked in essence, which made it refreshing on a hot day. The mask was made of a thinner material and applied easily. It almost felt like a second skin. The fit was great, and the mask was slightly stretchy. The essence absorbed well into my skin. The mask stayed wet for over an hour. I purposely didn’t use any products after to see the results. I woke up to visibly smoother and softer skin 👍🏻

Ariul Juice Cleanse Mask Wheat & Celery 🌾

The packaging on this mask is what attracted me. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and this also had interesting ingredients. The mask smelled slightly of celery but moisturized my skin well. Aside from celery it has ingredients such as pear, avocado, vitamin b5 and more. It is pretty much a green juice for your face.

Ariul Kale and Grapefruit Mask 🥬

The effects of this mask were similar to the one above. This contained other ingredients aside from those above such as broccoli, lemon and carrot. I was a fan of this because it also contains Vitamin C. Overall, a solid mask. I think you can find these at CBS sometime.

DearPacker Jeju Flower Mask 💐

This was a nice mask. I always hear a lot of hype about DearPacker, so I was excited to try this out. It was saturated well and fit my face nicely. It left my face feeling moisturized and soft. You can find these on Amazon, and I’ve seen them a few times at Forever 21.

Aippo Expert Hydrating Mask

This mask was fab. First of all, the fit was perfect. The essence smelled amazing and was almost a jelly like substance. The mask adhered well to my face and was super saturated. The cotton cellulose was soft and comfortable. The mask almost had a cooking sensation to it, and left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft. I really enjoyed using this mask and would absolutely recommend for purchase. The mask stays wet way longer than the recommended 15-20 minute time frame. This was sent to me in exchange for my review.

Holika Holika Gudetama Character Mask

I am OBSESSED with Gudetama so I had to try this mask. Sadly, it’s more for the novelty than anything else. It was huge on my face and didn’t adhere well. It was made of that rough cotton that most printed character masks are and I didn’t notice any real difference after using this mask. But, it was fun and my face looked like Gude so I’m glad I tried it.

Glowhill Glam Gold Makeup Facial Mask 💰

This was another mask that was sent to me at a trial fee in exchange for my honest review. The mask is designed to be used before makeup application, with gold glittery specs in the mask. It’s not chunky glitter, it actually left a really nice glow to my face after using. The mask was absorbed nicely, the only qualm is the thicker cotton which caused it to not stay fully adhered. The brand also sent this cute headband pictured, and samples of another product. How great is that? This mask intrigued me because I haven’t tried anything like it before. Definitely a very cool concept. Overall, these masks were fun to use and also left my face with a nice glow pre-makeup application

Tsaio Deep Moisturizing Mask

I’m not sure where I picked this mask up from, but it was actually pretty hydrating. It stayed wet for almost an hour and left my skin moisturized and soft. I did find this on Beauteque to link.

Botanic Farm Rose Mask 🌹

This brand of masks has always been one of my favorites. My skin looks so great after using these masks and my face feels super soft. This one was rose which is one of my favorite scents. I highly recommend trying these masks if you come across them. Here is a similar mask.

Botanic Farm Cherry Blossom Mask 🌸

See above.  Here is a similar mask.

Farmacy Coconut Soothing Mask

People have been finding these lately at Marshalls but I have yet to come across that gem. This was a good mask. It soothed skin really well because it’s a gel mask. It had a lot of essence that soaked into my skin easily. My skin was softer after using this.

Dermal Collagen Essence Mask

This brand of masks is pretty bare bones. The masks are really intended just for moisturizing the skin. I’ve found these at local Asian groceries and they also are sold online on Amazon and other retailers in a set. They’re generally good for when you want to throw on a mask quickly for some hydration. Here is a similar mask.

Foodaholic 4D Bird Nest Mask

Smelled really good but definitely highly fragranced. Had a shampoo like smell. Not soaked too well, thicker cotton that was textured. Not a fan of the 3d and ear holes so I just put it on without it. I wouldn’t recommend this mask.

The Secret Snail Hydrogel Gold Mask 🐌💰

This was a decent gel mask find from Marshalls. It adhered nicely and moisturized skin nicely. The Mask comes in two pieces which allowed it to go on easily. I would repurchase these if I find them again.

Elizavecca Power Ringer Honey Mask 🍯

The mask was super soaked with essence, and was made of a very thin cotton. This allowed for the mask to adhere quickly and easily to my face. The fit was great. I could instantly feel the serum soaking into my face. The mask stayed wet for over an hour. Afterwards, my face was definitely softer. I just wish this had more of a honey scent to it. Here is a similar mask.

Innisfree Canola Honey Hydrogel Mask 🍯

I’ve tried these masks in several different varieties. I was hoping this would smell like honey but it didn’t really. This mask left skin feeling softer and moisturized.

L’Herboflore Pear Hydromask 🍐

These are great masks. This one didn’t have much of a pear scent which I was hoping for. It soaked into skin well and left my skin super smooth and soft. Would definitely repurchase this.

Tony Moly Golden Mushroom Mask 🍄

This mask was on par with the others from the brand. Left my face feeling hydrated and soft. Adhered well and stayed moist for awhile.

Skin Factory Vega Vita Plex Mask

This brand of masks is great. These come super soaked in essence and feel really nice on the skin. They stay wet forever and left my skin feeling so soft afterwards. Definitely recommend.

Skin Factory Black Volcanic Ash Mask

Same as above.

Scinic My Juicy Bottle Firming Ampoule Mask

First off, the packaging on this mask is super cute. The mask was soaked well with essence and left my face hydrated. I can’t really speak to the firming benefits, I didn’t notice any crazy difference in that department.

Banobagi Vitagenic Hydrating Jelly Mask

This mask was great. It was Super soaked in essence. It was great after an eyebrow waxing and left my skin feeling super smooth. It was very soothing and left my skin super soft. I would repurchase this .

Missha Pure Source Lentil Bean Mask

This mask has a slight cereal smell. It wasn’t soaked well enough in essence so it didn’t stay on for very long. I’m not sure if this one was just a dud, as I’ve used other varieties of this mask and they were fine.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack 🐌🐝

This is another cult favorite in the K-Beauty community, and for good reason. My skin always looks firmer, brighter and feels softer. You can find these on a good deal sometimes on Amazon.

Elizavecca Water Lock Hydro-Gel Melting Mask 💦

I am honestly a huge fan of the Elizavecca brand. Their products have been mainly on point thus far. They make a wine peeling pad that is comparable to expensive brands in Sephora that I love. This mask leaves my skin so so soft and hydrated . It was a gel and stayed wet for 45 mins. It adheres nicely and doesn’t slip off. I would definitely purchase this mask. Plus, Elizavecca products come in the cutest packaging.

Bonvivant Botantical Mask Pack-Sodium Hyaluronate and Lotus

Bonvivant is another one of my favorite brands. All the masks from this line have left my skin super hydrated and brighter.

Tony Moly Bubble Peeling Mask 🔵

I’m not sure if I got an old one or if this is just a crappy mask, but I didn’t have a good experience with this one. It kind of fell apart and did nothing for my face. I was hoping it would bubble up like some of the masks I’ve used in the past, but no dice.

Dewytree Collagen Resilience Mask

This mask was intended for anti-wrinkle and firming. I can’t speak to these claims, but this did moisturize my skin. It stayed wet for awhile and soaked well into skin.

Esfolio Snail Essence Mask 🐌

This was a run of the mill sheet mask, but did hydrate skin well. These can be found pretty easily online, and sometimes in boxes at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. They are worth it if you can find them in the boxes of 10 for around $6-$8.

Ballon Gate Solution Mask

This was another mask sent to me at a trial fee in exchange for my review. was excited to try the Ballon Gate Cream Solution mask as the essence was a cream as opposed to your typical watery type. The mask fit well and adhered pretty nicely. There was a good about of essence, but the mask wasn’t soaking wet. The cotton was on the thicker side. The mask stayed wet for about 20-30 minutes. The ingredients roster in the essence was includes some household favs such as centella extract, Hyaluronic acid, tea tree oil, shea butter and more. The essence soaked well into my skin and did not leave a tacky after feeling. The mask was refreshing and I could feel the product sinking into my skin. After, my skin felt plumper and soft. My skin retained the moisture for quite awhile. Overall, this is a product solid mask.

Skincare and Hair

Primark Cranberry Lip Patch

This was nothing special. I honestly didn’t notice any difference after using this on my lips, and wouldn’t repurchase again.

Strawberry Pucker Up Lip Mask 🍓

This was a TJ Maxx find. The Mask is made of the same material as cotton sheet masks. It stayed on for about 20 mins and smelled nice. My lips were moisturized but it was nothing crazy. They were about a buck apiece so overall worth it for that.

Sephora Rose Lip Mask 🌹

I purchase these relatively frequently it’s funny because a lot of people think this mask is actually made of cotton, but those are just the protective wraps for the hydro gel mask inside. They usually work for about a half hour. My lips are smoother after use. This is currently out of stock so I couldn’t link this.

Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask 🦶🏼

This mask is different than those that peel your feet skin. This mask leaves feet feeling smoother and soft. It comes as booties that you leave on for 20 minutes.

Beauty Kitchen Lace Hydrogel Eye Mask

This was another mask sent to me at a trial fee in exchange for my review. This eye mask is perfect for those nights when you’re not in the mood to do a full sheet mask. Then cool part about this eye mask is that as your skin heats up the mask, nutrients are infused into your skin. The mask contains ingredients such as collagen, amino acid, glycerin, algae plant living DNA cells, Hyaluronic acid and rose essential water. The mask was refreshing and soothing around my tired eye area. Overall, the mask was fun and makes a cute gift for friends.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution ☕️

This is a holy grail product for me. I use this daily in the morning and it has definitely helped with under eye puffiness and circles. I highly recommend this.

Olay Age-Defying Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and Serum

This was a Big Lots find but I actually really liked this cream. It says it’s a serum but it definitely had the consistency of a light cream. It smelled really nice and had a actually had an iridescent sheen to it. I would definitely repurchase again if I could find it. I can’t really speak to the anti-wrinkle part as I don’t have wrinkles yet but overall this was a great cream.

Mario Badescu Skincare Cucumber and Green Tea Facial Spray 🍵🥒

This is a great facial mist. It’s a fine mist and doesn’t spray out too harshly. It smells very fresh and clean and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft. This was great in the fridge in the summer time. This is an affordable mist that’s sold a bunch of places and the bottle lasts awhile. Definitely would repurchase.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Cucumber Depuffing Eye Masks 🥒

Thank god this was a dollar, because it literally did nothing. It was rough, didn’t adhere to my skin and had zero benefit. Don’t buy!!

Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin Serum 🐌🐝

This entire line has worked well with my skin. This is intended for skin firming and moisture. I honestly used this awhile ago but remember liking this. This line is highly rated in the Asian Beauty community.

Pedi Patrol Repairing Foot Mask 🦶🏼

This was a TJ  Maxx find. This was one of those foot masks that was supposed to peel feet after a few days, I didn’t see much result with this, but my feet were softer after using this.

Reddy Cerassol Cica Ampoule

This was a highly moisturizing and soaked into skin well. I used this every morning in my routine. I definitely recommend this if your skin is in need of a moisture boost.

Reddy Honey Glass Coating Mist 🍯

I wasn’t a big fan of this, to be honest. It had a very oily consistency that left a film on my face. I could only use this at night because of that. I wouldn’t repurchase this.

Aippo Expert Hydrating Ampoule

This definitely hydrated my skin. It’s a thicker, white serum that moisturized my skin well. I used it as part of my morning routine mixed with the firming version below. Would repurchase.

Aippo Expert Firming Ampoule

I used this daily with the hydrating version above. I can’t speak to the anti- wrinkle part of this as it is preventive for me at this point. Overall, I liked this and would repurchase.

Pureheals Centella 90 Ampoule

This was a very soothing serum on my skin. I used this daily and it hydrated and moisturized well. I’ve been seeing this brand pop up at Marshalls and TJ Maxx so you may be able to find this there.

Botanic Farm Mineral Pop Sparkling Toner Mist

This came in a set, I believe. This was a very typical but good spray toner. It did it’s job of hydrating my skin when it needed a boost.

Bulgarian Rose Ultra Waterfull Oil 🌹

I loved this oil, and have been enjoying most of the items from this brand. It smelled faintly floral and sunk into skin well. It left my skin feeling softer. The price on this is a bit steep, which would be my only reason for not purchasing again.

Bonajour Eggplant Daily BHA Toner 🍆

I used this every morning as the first step in my skincare routine. This was more of a cleansing toner, and had a very clean smell. It definitely didn’t smell like eggplant 😆 It prepped my skin well in the morning before applying serums and my routine. This isn’t easy to track down but it was a good toner.

Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture Lotion

This was another TJ Maxx find. It had a light consistency and smelled like green tea. The bottle lasted a long time. This is a great lotion for summer time as it soaked easily into skin. It left my skin soft and hydrated. Overall, a good discount find.

Commleaf Rose Moisture Pad 🌹

I loved these pads. They were cleansing, yet gentle. They were perfect for a quick face refresh. They had a slight rose smell but more herbal. They left my skin very soft and smooth. Would definitely repurchase these.

Candy O’ Lady Blue Lemonade Mist 🍋

This mist smelled like candy, yum! It hydrated my skin, but did leave a slight film. Because of this, I use it during my night routine. I’m currently using the pink grapefruit version now, which also smells delicious.

Cica Go Cica Double Effect Ampoule

I used this every morning as part of my routine mixed with other serums. It was a thicker serum that needed to be shook to mesh all the ingredients. It definitely calmed and hydrated my skin.

Pearlessence Cactus Water Micellar Water 🌵

This was a Marshalls find. I was intrigued by the cactus water, but this was just average. I felt like it didn’t fully remove makeup as much as I would have liked. It also was a bit harsh. I wouldn’t repurchase this one.

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Shower Gel 💐

This was a lucky Marshalls find. I love the Korres brand as a whole, and the shower gels are great. They sud up really nicely and this one smelled really clean and nice. I definitely recommend their body washes and would repurchase again.

Secret A I am Watermelon Soothing Gel 🍉

Loved this stuff. It was like a watermelon version of aloe gel. It contains 95 percent watermelon extract and smells delicious. It’s very refreshing on the skin. I used this to hydrate my tattoos over the summer. Would definitely repurchase this. Here is a similar item.

Beauty Kitchen Crazed for Coconut Body Splash 🥥

I loved this spray. It smelled like a fresh spa, with coconut mixed in. I kept it in the fridge and it was amazing over the summer. It definitely made my skin softer and didn’t sting when I used it after shaving. This was sent to me at a trial fee in exchange for my review, but I would definitely repurchase this

Tresemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist

I’ve been using this for years, although it’s nearly impossible to find in stores anymore. I usually find this on Amazon now, but lately it hasn’t been on there. This is perfect on days when you use dry shampoo but want a nice scent boost and hair refresh.


Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

This was a deluxe sample size, but it actually lasted a really long time. I love the formula on this primer, it definitely keeps my eye shadow in place all day long. I have already purchased a full size version and I highly recommend this.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

This is definitely a good drugstore setting spray. It’s less than 10 bucks and kept my makeup set for most of the day. I would repurchase.

Diorshow Mascara

This was a deluxe sample from one of my subscription boxes. I know people go crazy for this one. I didn’t see anything life changing about it. It was a typical mascara to me. I wouldn’t repurchase based on the price. I’ve used better mascaras at a way cheaper price point in the past.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Another sub box sample. This was ok. I used it daily to remove mascara from my eyelids. The one thing I didn’t like was that it made my eyes cloudy sometimes after using. I have a few more of these samples to get through but will probably try another remover in the future because I didn’t like how this made my eyes feel.

Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara

Another sample size. Again, no huge difference to warrant me spending that much on a mascara I will throw away in three months.

Marc Jacobs Mascara

If you’re sensing a theme here, I have tons of sample size mascaras from sub boxes. I actually prefer them since I throw away every three months anyways. This one was decent. Again, on sale I might buy but otherwise not spending a ton on this.

Body Shop Satsuma Eau De Toilette

I’ve used this for years. I use it sometimes after the shower or as a hair mist. It has a light scent that lasts for a few hours. It smells delish like candy.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Perfume

I have been wearing this perfume since high school, and it never gets old. It has a citrusy scent to it, and it lasts all day on my skin. This scent is definitely more of a summer smell.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully my next empties post will be monthly/quarterly!


The Boston Bargainista

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