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Winter Empties ❄️

Hi loves!

I’m back with another round of Empties from the last few months.

Sheet Masks

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sheet Mask 🍉

This was a gel mask that came in two pieces which made for easy application. It fit my well, although mine had a weird smell. I was hoping it would smell like watermelon but smelled like vinegar to me. Not sure if mine was rancid or what. The mask tingled and did leave my face softer. I’ll have to try another one of these masks and see the result.

Botanic Farms Polar Energy Camel Milk Gel Mask 🐪🐫

This was a gel mask that came in two pieces. It adhered easily and nicely to skin. It was super soaked in essence which was nice. I was curious how camel milk would smell but this mask had little to no scent. My skin felt soft and smooth after using. I would repurchase this.

SNP Rose Mask 🌹

Love love loved this mask. SNP was one of the first mask brands I ever tried and I haven’t found a bad mask yet. This smelled so good! If you’re a rose lover like me, you’ll love the scent. The mask was soaked in tons of essence and adhered nicely. It’s a good size for most faces, not too big or small. This mask stayed wet for over an hour and was so refreshing. My face felt super soft after using this. Definitely recommend.

SNP Jeju Marine Water Mask 🌊

This mask is the same as the one above, just in the Marine Water variety. Again, another love! It smelled really clean and moisturized well.

SNP Fresh Vita C Mask 🍊🍋

This mask was soaked in TONS of essence. There was seriously enough left over in the pouch for days after.

Ariul 7 days Mask Pomegranate 

This mask smelled really nice like a fruity yogurt. it was made of a thicker cotton and was soaked decently. The bad side was that it didn’t adhere that well and dried out easily, but my skin was softer after. I think I’ve seen these masks popping up at CVS.

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Cotton Mask 👩🏻‍🌾

This was a smaller face mask that was covered in a thick essence. The mask was soaked decently and it adhered nicely to my face. The mask soaked into skin well and tingled a little bit when I put it on. The one thing about this mask is that it’s highly fragranced, so if you’re sensitive this may not be the right one for you.

It’s Skin Moisture Cream Mask

This mask definitely had a small fit. It was ok for my fac,e but the mouth area and overall mask was small. The mask was covered in a thick, milky lotion essence. This mask was very soothing after an eyebrow wax. It’s made of a bit thicker cotton, which I felt like it needed to be to handle the essence. The mask dried out in about 30 minutes, but the essence soaked in well. My skin was softer after use.

Dermal Rose Mask 🌹

These masks are pretty much for basic moisturizing. It was made of very thick cotton but was soaked nicely and it adhered well. The mask was a decent size. It had a faint rose smell, but it was more artificial.

Leaders Brightening Mask 💡

I am a fan of Leaders masks. They are pretty consistent with their products and leave my face feeling smooth and softer. They fit nicely and adhere well. This mask didn’t really have any crazy brightening effects, but my skin looked nicer after using this.

Llang On the Skin Mask 🍵

This mask smelled like tea which I loved. The mask was on the smaller side, but fit my face perfectly. The mask adhered nicely and the essence soaked into my skin really well. My face felt so plump and soft after using this. Definitely recommend!

Orange juice Mask 🍊

This mask smells like tang.  The mask was soaked well in essence but it’s not made of softest cotton. This mask was pretty much for basic moisturizing.

A’pieu Chocolate Milk Mask 🍫🥛

I wish this had smelled more like chocolate, it actually had a coconut smell to me. This was soaked in a tons of milky essence with extra left in the package. The mask was really soothing and left my skin very soft after using it. The mask adhered well but was on the smaller side.

Target Passionfruit Ice Cream Mask 🍧🍦

I was really surprised how nice this mask was! It came in the cutest packaging so I thought it would be more gimmicky than anything else. I was wrong! I got this mask for super cheap as it was a Target Christmas item. It smelled like berry and was soaked really well. The fit was perfect and the essence absorbed nicely. I hope Target brings these back next year!

Mirum Lemon Mask 🍋

This was another small mask. It fit me ok, but I think others might have trouble with it. The mask had a lemony smell to it. I didn’t see  any crazy changes to my skin after using this. It dried out pretty quickly.

Innisfree Collagen Mask

This mask is intended to help keep skin firm and wrinkle free. I can’t speak to those results, but the mask did leave my skin moisturized.

Company V Steam Milk Mask 🥛

I had high hopes for this mask, which is partially because of the packaging. Isn’t it funny how much packaging can play in? This was a pretty typical sheet mask otherwise.

Welcos Jeju Volcanic Mask 🌋

This mask is intended for pore care, but I can’t say I saw much of a difference. These masks usually pop up at TJ Maxx/ Marshalls for about $5 for 10. At .50 cents a mask, these are pretty decent for basic moisturizing or when you want to mask quickly and not waste a nice mask.

Saference H&W Mask

I was initially attracted to this mask because it has hyaluronic acid in it. This mask left my face feeling super soft and moisturized.

Mediental Healing Mask

These masks occasionally pop up at my local H-Mart. They are actually pretty good quality and leave my skin feeling super soft. I would repurchase this again.

Four Season Multi Vita Mask 💊

Another mask that was pretty basic and just for moisturizing the skin. It was soaked nicely and soaked well into skin, but it just hydrated my skin for a few hours.

Skinfood Jeju Tangerine Mask 🍊

This mask smelled citrusy. It stayed wet for about 30 mins and adhered nicely. I’ve used a bunch of these Skinfood masks in different flavors. They have a watermelon one that I’m dying to try.

A’pieu Green Recipe Mask 🥬

This mask was pretty run of the mill. Moisturized skin but no crazy results otherwise.

Manefit Lavender Mask

I was really hoping this mask would smell more like lavender. It dried out kind of quickly and didn’t do much for my skin. I’m not sure if I’d repurchase this.

Dessert Table Mask 🍡🍭

This 5 step mask from Dessert Table Very Moist Berry was AWESOME! The mask comes with 5 steps: cleanser, “skin” aka a toner/essence, the mask, lotion and creamer. The cleanser was your typical run of the mill cleanser as was the essence. The mask is amazing! It totally refreshed my skin, had a light berry scent, was soaked well in essence and fit like a dream. I would buy this just for the mask. The essence soaked well into my skin and it was so soft, even before doing the final two steps. The lotion and cream were nice finishing touches to the mask. My skin was noticeably hydrated and soft after doing the whole process. I definitely recommend this mass and would absolutely purchase them in the future.

 PINK Lets’s Glow Papaya Mask

The material on this mask was a bit rough. It was covered in a jelly like essence, but the mask smelled like alcohol. I was really hoping this would smell delish and tropical. My face felt sticky and tight after using this. I wouldn’t recommend these masks and I won’t be repurchasing.

Saint Blanche Tiger Mask 🐅🐯

This mask was made of super soft cotton and was soaked in a ton of fresh smelling gel essence. This essence soaked into my skin beautifully and left my skin so soft and smooth. The mask was very refreshing.

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask 🍳🥚

This Mask is covered in tons of milky cream essence, which smelled kind of like maple syrup to me?  It fit well and adhered nicely. It was soothing after an eyebrow wax and left my skin feeling soft.


Clinique Repairwear Firming Cream

This was a deluxe sample size that I received from somewhere? It’s hard to really measure how this did for anti-aging as I don’t really have wrinkle concerns yet. This had a really perfumey old lady smell to it which I didn’t like. I think for that reason, and also the fact that it costs $65 I wouldn’t repurchase this.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution ☕️

This is one of my holy grail products. I go through a few bottles a year of this stuff, and always have a back up waiting. I’m super happy that The Ordinary is back at Sephora! I use this every morning as part of my skincare routine. Over time, I’ve noticed that it helps my undereye bags and puffiness. I highly recommend!

The Ordinary “Buffet” Serum

I am a HUGE fan of The Ordinary products. Sadly, not sponsored by them but I wish I was! The Buffet serum is intended to help with dullness/uneven texture, wrinkles and fine lines and dryness. I used this every morning and I definitely think it helped my skin look smoother and brighter. I can’t speak to the wrinkle part as my anti-aging skincare is preventive at this time.  This serum is made up of a bunch of peptides, including multi- syn-ake, matrixyl synthe-6, matrixyl 3000, argirelox, hyaluronic acid and amino acids. I have been incorporating peptides into my skincare because they help with collagen production. There is also another version that’s about $15 more that has copper peptides included in it. I haven’t tried that one yet.

Klavuu Pearlsation Toner ⚪️

This one lasted me forever. I used it daily as part of my morning routine and would pour a small amount into my hands and spread of my face. It did brighten up my face. I didn’t use cotton with it because I felt like it wasted product. I would purchase this again when I get through some of my other products if I found it at a good price.

Nuxe Rose Micellar Cleansing Water 🌹

I loved this product and would repurchase in a heartbeat. I actually got this in Canada where I found it in their equivalent of a CVS (Shopppers Drug Mart). It was reasonably priced and worked wonderfully to take off dirt and makeup. It had a beautiful rose scent, similar to the Fresh one which is triple the price. Highly recommend. I do think some stores in the US carry this brand, and once I finish up some of my stash I will definitely hunt for this.

IsnTree Green Tea Toner 🍵

This was a great toner. It had a light, green tea scent to it and was not at all harsh on the face. I used it daily every morning and it didn’t strip my skin. It left skin feeling clean and refreshed. I would definitely repurchase this once I go through some of my other toners.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Lotion 🐌🐝

This line of product from Benton were some of the first K-Beauty products I ever tried. I love this entire line, ranging from this lotion to their sheet mask. I used this daily in the morning. This lotion was intended to help with wrinkles and moisturize skin. It was a bit on the thicker side, which made it perfect for winter. It left my skin feeling very soft and wasn’t overly greasy.

Dessert Table Very Moist Berry Lotion 🍓

I reviewed the sheet mask from the brand up above. This lotion was also a nice product. It had a faint, berry smell and soaked really nicely into my skin. I liked that it had a lighter consistency so that it absorbed well into skin. It’s the perfect lotion for summer use.

Orgaplus Rich Yet Lightweight Serum

This was a product sent to me for review, but I enjoyed it. It was the perfect winter serum because it’s got a thick, almost lotion like consistency. I used it every morning and it made my skin soft and hydrated. This came from Korea, so probably not as easy to find here but it was a good serum.


Suave Rose Shampoo and Conditioner 🌹

I was so pleasantly surprised by this $4 shampoo and conditioner. It smells amazing, left my hair shiny and tangle free and cleanses really nicely. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Herbal Essences Coconut Shampoo 🥥

This shampoo is a constant repurchase for me. It smells delish, detangles my long, unruly hair and cleanses well. Highly recommend.

Le Labo Rose Shampoo 🌹

This was actually a deluxe sample size from when my mom stayed at the Fairmont Copley. Wish I could have tracked this down while I was in Canada because the exchange rate was cheaper. This smelled like heavenly roses. What I really want is the perfume in this brand. If I ever found this on sale, I’d definitely re-purchase.

L’Oreal Kids Detangler

I saw this in a store and had to get it. This was a throwback to my childhood years. Remember when this haircare line was all the rage? It smelled delicious, like a mix of apple and pear. It didn’t do the best job of detangling my very long, thick hair but the nostalgia of it was worth it.


Korres Almond Cherry Body Wash 🌰🍒

I love Korres body washes. My best friend got me this one in Greece. This scent smelled really clean. It was very rich and left my skin moisturized during the winter months. Korres body washes used to pop up at TJ Maxx/Marshalls but I haven’t seen them in awhile there.

Le Petit Marseillaise Lavender Body Wash

I picked this up in Canada thinking I couldn’t find it in the states and schlepped it back in my luggage. Joke was on me because it’s actually sold at Target and a few other spots. However, the good news is I’ll be able to find this again because it was a great body wash! It’s very highly fragranced of lavender, but it smelled good and not that fake perfumey lavender smell (you know what I mean?) It suds up really well and left my skin feel clean and not stripped. Definitely recommend this, especially at night time before bed.



Clinique High Impact Mascara

This was a deluxe sample size I received in one of my subscription boxes. It wasn’t my favorite to be honest. Even in it’s smaller size, I felt like it dried out really quickly and didn’t do anything spectacular for my eyelashes. Everything works differently on each person, but I don’t think I’d re-purchase this for myself

Physicians Formula #Instaready Setting Spray

This was a decent setting spray for being from a drugstore brand. It  did smell highly of alcohol, which I wasn’t fond of.  The bottle it came in also would clog and leak so I eventually decanted it into my own spray bottle. This set my makeup well and didn’t make my eyeliner run like some other setting sprays have in the past. It didn’t leave my face sticky which I liked and I felt like it absorbed well into my skin.

Laura Geller Sparkling Cocktail Lipgloss

I loved how this lipgloss made my lips look, but HATED how it made them taste. Why do companies put perfume in a product that’s going on your lips? Yuck. This would constantly make my entire mouth taste like perfume, which clearly I am not a fan of. It’s disappointing because this was actually a beautiful, sparkly shade that I got lots of compliments on. The other downside was that it was pretty sticky icky icky. Overall, won’t be purchasing because it tastes like crap.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner 👁

I loved this eye liner! Cat eyes don’t come easy for me, but this eyeliner was pretty user friendly. It has a fine tip point that makes applying the eyeliner easily. It lasted a long time without drying out. I already have another backup and would definitely recommend.

Well, that about rounds up the Winter Empties. Thanks for reading!


The Boston Bargainista

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